Types of Point of Sale Systems and Software

A POS system in Denver is the software and hardware that is needed to conduct a POS transaction.  This transaction takes the customer’s information, verifies it, starts the transfer of money, and approval of the sale.  This entire transaction will generally just take a few seconds but it all depends on the POS system that is used.  There are different types of these systems but the main goal is to accomplish the same thing; completing a customer’s transaction quickly and accurately.

Types of Point of Sales Systems

  • A simple type is a reader that is connected to a phone line and is the most inexpensive POS offered. The machine looks like a calculator that has printing capabilities.  It is not the fasted system as it has to dial into a network in order to verify the customer’s information.  It is a separate system from the cash register and is used mainly for debit and credit card transactions.
  • The fully integrated system is what a large retail store would use. It also comes with a cash register that has the capability of taking financial information and scanning debit and credit cards.  With this system, a network will be used to connect to the server to verify the customer’s information.  It is also much more efficient than the one that is a stand-alone device.
  • Some can also include software that can be used by a server in a restaurant to swipe their identification card, enter what the customer wants to order and then it is transmitted to the kitchen electronically. This type of POS can also let the server know when their order is ready for the server to pick up and deliver it.  This POS will also keep track of the server’s sales.  And when the customer checks out it can process their payment

The software of a point of sale in Denver is what the business owner uses to calculate the sales transaction and operate the drawer of the cash register uses.  When calculating the transaction the software is what figures the amount of sales tax for that state, figures the total amount due, and takes the payment.  If the payment is done in cash then the software will figure the amount of change that the customer receives.  Once the transaction is finished, the software will then automatically adjust the inventory of the business on hand by removing the item(s) sold from what the store has in stock.

When choosing your system make sure that the software has the capability to search your inventory with stock keeping units (SKU) and item description.   When purchasing your first POS system in Denver make sure that it can export all your information in a universal fashion.