Try Employing These 5 Exciting Tricks when Distributing a Press Release

Even when the tradition of using Press Releases is still alive and vibrant, it is the purpose that’s getting revolutionized. For one, you can use it to alert the media of exciting corporate announcement that’s in the offing. But the way this is done nowadays is a bit different and modernized.

Following the evolution of how to send these Releases, whom it is sent to, and the growing list of influencers, lots of creativity and agility is injected into a particular strategy. Distribution has taken a different route whereby one uses it to broadcast a company’s story in a bid to improve its brand and reputation. The media plus the wider online and social space receive the announcement while at the same time getting to understand the positive image of the company. Says Akshat from

Of course, this has altered the game and raised the bar for communicators who now have to reconsider their Press Release distribution strategies. If you would like to achieve your PR objectives through New Releases, the following are the most applicable techniques:

  1. Use Press Release as part of your company’s website

This is the simplest and most effective way of engaging audiences outside of your website while driving them to your website. With a site that’s rich in rich content, traffic generated by your Press Release out there easily gets converted. So, to crack this, make sure to include at least three links, including a CTA that lead to your website or blog.

  1. Include some multimedia

Being a universal element amongst many company websites, multimedia content should also feature on your Press Release. Use visuals that your audience can relate to, and ensure they are compelling, simplified, memorable and eye-catching. Remember, your Releases are an extension of your own website. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

  1. Portray it with a flair of thought leadership

In the eyes of serious stakeholders and consumers, a brand that’s worth investing in is one that is trustworthy and has a potential for offering quality goods and services. And so, for a brand to look credible, it has to earn the trust of its target group.

If your business has problems displaying its credibility, go right ahead and release a Press Release that dispels any questions and challenges. Further, offer informative and educational information to demonstrate how much a leader your company is.

  1. Use it to Brand up and out

Being an incredible way of refreshing your Press Release strategy, this idea involves using one to initiate a conversation that would extend beyond where the company reaches. Just like corporate partnerships and joint ventures help conglomerate talents and resources for the common good, branching up using Press Release helps unify companies. This way, their customers will see them as credible and authentic choices to buy from.

  1. Use it as a ‘Teaser’

You may use it to inspire an aura of anticipation as this eventually sparks lots of interest from the readers. They will want to know what you are up to and they will most probably need to be part of your upcoming launch. And so, to successfully use it as a teaser, ask them to keep checking your website or social channels.