Tips That Will Help You Spot the Bad Apples in SEO Industry

Every industry has its black sheep;SEO is not an exception to this rule. So when you are shopping for SEO you should take extra care as falling in with one of the less than reputable SEO companies can get you in deep trouble. Because of their mistakes you could be pushed back in search engine rankings or worse be blacklisted completely.

They are evasive

When you approach search engine optimisation specialist firms, you should expect straight answers, if you don’t get them, then there is something fishy going on. When you hire a PR or marketing firm, do you let them device their own strategies and then run with it? No, you let them know what you require and they come up with a plan and explain it to you. You should expect the same from a SEO firm, if you don’t get it then turn around and don’t look back.

Their guarantees sound too good

A SEO firm will definitely throw a sales pitch at you, this is to be expected. After all they are here to make money, but if their offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is. SEO is a combination of art and science, if it’s done properly, there will be results eventually. But no one can give you an exact time and date about when you will be achieving the much coveted number one rank. Search engine algorithms are complex and they have hundreds of criteria that influences ranking, which is why no honest search engine optimisation specialist will ever make such a guarantee in their right mind.

They say that SEO works in a vacuum

Some SEO firms might try to heap praises on search engine optimization and try to sell it as a standalone that works by itself. Well they are lying to you. SEO definitely similar to marketing, and the more organic the SEO is the more it works with other marketing strategies that you employ. In any case even the website design and SEO are closely linked. Social media marketing is becoming very effective in generating links, so even that should be considered while developing a sound SEO strategy.