Planning to buy a new earphone and feeling confused? You don’t have to waste your time in selecting the top earphones, you can just check out this list to find your best earphone under 500 rupees in india 2018. But before you check out the list of best earphones, we want you to have a look at what are some of the important factors that one should consider before buying a new earphone-

Price: While selecting a new earphones, price definitely matters a lot. There are thousands of varieties available in the market. It completely depends on you which kind of earphones you want or what feature you would like to have in your earphone. Ideally most people buy earphones under a price range of 500-2000 rupees in India.

Wired or Wireless:

Connections wired or wireless if you the kind of person that tends to move away from their desktop, or do not want to deal with messy wires. Then Bluetooth might be the option for you.

Frequency Response: It is important to consider the frequency range of the earphone that you are buying. An earphone with good frequency range is always a better option and gives you clear music listening experience in a noise environment.


In simple terms, headphone impedance represents about how much amount of power needed to drive a pair of headphones and give you an amazing experience. Low-impedance headphones require less power to drive, and can therefore easily be used with source devices with weaker amplification, such as smartphones, media players, and other portable devices.

Music Type:

Headphones and earphones differ on the basis of their impedance levels.

In simple language, impedance is basically the amount of power required to drive a pair of headphones. Headphones with low impedance require less power to drive and thus can be used with source devices with weaker amplification like smartphones and portable media devices. They are more likely to blow out if excessive amplification is delivered to them.

On the other hand, headphones with high impedance require increased amplification to drive and deliver a more powerful output.

Form Factor:

In reality, these three areas are what most people focus on when looking at wireless headphones, and for good reason. Many users will wear a single pair of headphones for multiple hours every single day so they have to be comfortable and convenient.

Of course, many people will also pay a lot of attention on style. Wireless headphones that do not look good simply do not sell as well as their sleek-looking counterparts.

There are three forms of wireless earphones: in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.