The Ways of Artificial Intelligence Art

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With the growing technology and science, research tells us that artificial intelligence is slowly washing away the importance and beauty of art. Although artificial intelligence is important of our every day lives for almost every individual, but it has almost covered the most space of it where we have forgotten about the value of art.

AI and Art

Many famous paintings around the world have earned its name because it’s an artificial intelligence art that has been created using machine learning. How they do it is that artists make use of plenty of portraits and feed it to the algorithm and “teach” it accordingly to give a desired output with the best results. Therefore, the basic work that takes place here is that the painting is not a creative piece of a human mind. It is rather a piece of a program fed to the machine and its output, therefore. It is more so like an algebraic formula that gives a result that is artistic in nature.

However, this technology has raised many questions in the minds of great men as to if the product can actually be called an art. Since it is an output of a machine, the term art really wouldn’t suit it because of it being made with product formulas of an algorithm. 

Over many years, plenty of artists wrote computer programs so to create art and they were termed as algorithmic art. Here they create programs with complex codes and a result that they want, the visual already created in the mind previously. Many sources discuss algorithms and art, and to avail the same knowledge you can visit their following websites.

Weaving out an AI Art is quite a complex procedure and the artists who create them do not intend to abide by a particular set of rules. They learn different methods and ways each time they create something with the help of a thousand different portraits. The algorithmic program then analyzes the samples and code and give an output accordingly in terms of whatever it has learned.


The entire process of AI art takes place in two steps and they are pre curation and post curation. Both the process requires the attention of the artist undivided and he/she is gifted with the best results, thereafter.