The new era of Business Telephone Systems.

Ranging from key telephone systems, private branch exchanges to hybrid systems, the business telephone system has travelled a long road. Multiple telephones with an interconnected system enables call handling, call transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice messages etc. Business telephone System can function over the public switched telephone network and over the internet.

If a firm wants to get business telephone system, it is important first to know what kind of service it needs. The decision lies between choosing the traditional landline telephone service, provided by a local or regional phone company or a Voice over Internet Protocol System (VoIP) system, which runs over the internet and is offered by numerous of providers. Different business firms have diverse needs for a Business Telephone Systems. Telephone systems are the veins through which a company’s blood flow. For example, prospective consumers reach business firms through telephones or massive work is allocated to each correspondent by their managers through office telephones.

Understanding and recognizing the need of the technology that a telephone system holds will make it easier to choose the perfect business telephone system for the firm. The changing of the modern office communication has led to falling in the numbers of traditional analogue phone systems installed compared to IP Telephone System. Hence it becomes necessary to understand each system, their advantages and features before a firm decides on one to be installed.

Traditional Landline Systems:

Landlines also are known as the public switched telephone networks are basically analogue systems. To run a landline in your business you need a PBX (private branch exchange). The PBX is a system that handles multiple phone extensions and allows many phone system features such as call monitoring and transferring.


  • Maximum firms use this Old comfortable, time-tested telephone solutions.


  • With the new systems coming up, traditional landline systems are difficult to repair should anything break and are not easily available.

VoIP Phone Systems:

Way ahead of the traditional phone systems that use wires, the VoIP uses the same internet connection that is being used by other machines in the firm. It provides features that were hard to imagine for small firms as only the big ones could afford such services like automated attendants, computer integration that allows voicemails to be sent.


  • A sophisticated phone system which is both easy and effective to set up and use and is also cheaper than the traditional landlines.


  • If the internet connection is faulty, the VoIP wouldn’t work as it completely relies on the internet connectivity.