The Most Secure Mobile Shredders in the GTA

Think finding the right paper shredding company is a simple task? You’re half-right. There are plenty of shredding companies in the GTA that are vying for your business. Whether you’re looking for help destroying household documents or your business’ files, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes, having a larger talent pool to choose from can mean it’ll take you longer to pinpoint the one business with the right methods and price points that suit your needs. On the other hand, there are several essential features that can help narrow down your choices. Keep the follow details in mind, and you’ll find the best shredders in the GTA.3

  1. Use Mobile Shredders

There are a variety of techniques and processes companies use to destroy both physical and electronic data, but not all of them are created equal. Some are methods ensure a more secure way of eliminating your personal information, with fewer chances of corruption. Avoid those companies that ask their customers to drop off their material and to trust they destroy them using appropriate methods before they recycle them. Not only does this open up your personal information to threats in transit (as you can easily lose key files along the way), this requires the ultimate trust in the company to destroy your material completely.

Instead, choose the professional that use mobile shredders, like Absolute Destruction. A mobile shredding service deploys vetted and uniformed employees who arrive your home or place of business, collects your documents, and destroys them on-site under your watchful eye. The representatives from Absolute Destruction are also insured, so you can trust them to handle your personal information with utmost care.

  1. NAID Certification

Each industry has their own standard-setting organization. In the case of mobile shredders, they adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). This not-for-profit governing body ensure certain levels of security are met before they certify any business. Stay away from any company that can’t provide proof of their NAID AAA certification, as there’s no way to guarantee the techniques, equipment, or employees are up to standards.

  1. Invest in Secure Recycling

The amount of paper and e-waste a shredding company produces can have a serious effect on the local and global environments. As much as 35% of landfill waste consists of paper. Meanwhile obsolete electronics from North America make their way to developing countries the world over, polluting the earth, air, and water systems. The professionals you trust with your documents should follow a secure method of recycling in order to off-set their environmental impact.

With these three features in mind, you can easily cut out a large portion of shredding services that should never have contact with your personal information. When you adhere to these general guidelines, what you’ll be left with is a small selection of only the best professional whom you can trust with your physical and digital documents.