The best apps for downloading video from a website

The importance of YouTube and other vlogs are constantly increasing in our day to day life due to the need for the production of videos for various purposes. The most common and also the most important role that video production plays is in keeping our memories alive on camera. With the growing importance of video production, the need for good and versatile video downloaders which are also easy to use is growing day by day. There are multiple uses of a good video downloader in our daily life like watching our favorite music videos, watching a movie, downloading videos for business or educational presentation, etc.

Here we are providing the details of some of the best video downloader tools available on the internet:

  1. VideoDuke

Well, you could ask that, why is VideoDuke on the first position in our list. The answer would be, because of its versatile and multi-functional features. Majority of the video downloaders can only download videos for you but that is not the case with VideoDuke. With VideoDuke you can download multiple images, subtitle tracks, audios and much other kind of data that are related to videos. You can download the videos that you like from multiple sources such as Daily Motion, YouTube, Vimeo, and multiple other video platforms. It has made download video from website on Mac easy.

  1. Bigasoft Video Downloader Free Pro

Amongst the huge list of video downloaders, one video downloader that stands apart because of its features related to downloading, merging and converting a video is Bigasoft Video Downloader Free Pro. Once a video comes to your device, you can very easily convert a file which is of very good quality into any format that is convenient for you. And that’s not just it; with the help of the Quick Merge Panel available in this app, you can very easily merge f4f videos into all the well-known formats. The one advantage of the app is that it has an in the built video player.

  1. iTube Studio

If you don’t want a complex process and want to easily download a video that you like, then iTube Studio is the best available choice for you. With its help, you can download all of your favorite videos from any website that you want. It has got some features which are present in many popular video downloaders like downloading podcasts, movies or even clips in a quality that you would like to watch it in. This application has got a design which can lure anyone into using it. Moreover, the downloading process here is quite simple and you can download your favorite videos into two different and simple ways. You can either press the download button in the browser which you are using or you can copy the link of the video and paste it in the app.


We’ve provided you with the information regarding some of the best video downloaders available on the Internet. You can choose any one of these based on your preferences. Happy Downloading!