Take Your Zen With You With Glo’s Meditation App

Yoga has become a full-fledged force in the world of physical fitness. Many people choose yoga to support, and sometimes replace their fitness practices in order to achieve high levels of physical integrity.

However, the traditional practice of yoga has always been on spiritual advancement and evolution. As such, the physical exercises that yoga presents are meant to not only increase your health and well-being, but to also provide the platform for deep spiritual engagement.

Modern yoga practitioners often miss or ignore the multitude of meditative practices that exist within yoga. While these practitioners might be focused on the physical benefits, many do not know how important meditation is for yoga practice. These practices not only train the mind, but continued practice also benefits the body as well.

As a provider of world-class yoga instruction, Glo’s online yoga courses allow you to bring both the physical and meditative practices of yoga right to you. With Glo’s meditation app, you can take Glo’ 500 meditation courses with you to work, school on vacation or wherever else life might take you.

A Look At Glo’s Meditation Courses

To give you an idea of the type of meditation courses available on Glo, this article will focus on a specific type of meditation practice. This meditation practice is known as Yoga Nidra Or as it is roughly translated yogic sleep.

Yoga Nidra

The Yoga Nidra practice is a very simple and foundation practice for deeper meditation. The purpose behind Yoga Nidra is entering the deepest state of consciousness that the human mind can create.The purpose of Yoga Nidra it’s enter the delta state of mind. This state is normally entered when an individual goes to sleep, And this state of mind is where individuals are able to recover and heal from the stressors of day-to-day life.

The delta state is considered the state of mind that allows the body to heal at its most powerful level. Yoga Nidra not only causes the practitioner to enter the Delta State but it also allows them to enter that mental while maintaining conscious awareness.

How Yoga Nidra is Performed

Yoga Nidra is performed through a process called the rotation of consciousness. This practice involves focusing on specific points of the body in a specific sequence. Once the sequence is complete. it is repeated over and over again until the mind enters the deepest level possible. It’s a very simple process, but its efficacy has been utilized for both deeper levels of meditation practice and by Aryuvedic yogis to heal people of chronic diseases.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

While Yoga Nidra is a very simple process, this particular meditation practice has various benefits for both physical and mental health. Normal sleep only allows an individual to enter delta for short periods of time that fluctuate throughout the night. However the practice of Yoga Nidra allows individuals to enter the delta state at will.

As such, an individual can gain the healing benefits of delta whenever they want to. Ancient yogis proclaim that Yoga Nidra can grant practitioners the equivalent of 4 hours of highly healing sleep in less than one hour of Yoga Nidra practice.

To add, the Delta State is considered by many traditional Yogi schools to be the foundation of deep meditation practice. This practice gears individuals to be able to perform more advanced meditations at the deepest level of mind possible.

Yoga Nidra Courses At Glo

Glo contains a number of Yoga Nidra classes, such as the ones that Jo Tatsula teaches on the Glo platform. She has two primary courses that revolve around Yoga Nidra. The first is Yoga Nidra for Emotional Well-Being, which is 30-minute meditation that uses Yoga Nidra to create deep emotional healing and stability.

The second is Yoga Nidra for Total Well-Being, a three-week course that takes a systematic approach to using Yoga Nidra for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

The Benefits of Learning Yoga Nidra Through Glo’s Meditation App

While Yoga Nidra is a very beneficial practice, it can be very hard to master by yourself.If you have to perform the rotation of consciousness on your own, it can be very hard to complete the process without losing focus or going to sleep. However with Glo’s meditation app, you are able to avoid these obstacles because your instructor guides you through the practice with their voice.

Many traditional Yogi schools take the same approach. The Bihar School of Yoga has the yoga gurus guide their students with their own voice rather than students trying to perform the rotation of Consciousness by themselves. This allows students to more easily enter the deep relaxation that creates the delta state of consciousness in the mind. However, unlike traditional Yogi students, you don’t have to go to a monastery to receive this guidance. Glo’s meditation app allows you to have that Guidance with you wherever you go.

Imagine that you are coming home from work on a bus or a city train. With the meditation app, you can use your travel time to meditate instead of having to wait until you get home. Glo allows you to be able to utilize the many benefits of yoga in ways that were previously unavailable. With just a simple pair of headphones you can enter these deep states of consciousness while drowning out outside noise. You have all that you need to be able to meditate even if you weren’t in a traditionally relaxing in private environment.

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Yoga Nidra is extremely beneficial, but it is just one type of meditation that Glo offers. You have much, much more in store for you if you decide to give Glo a try, with beneficial meditations that are as short as 5 minutes. If you want to dive deeper into the meditation aspects of yoga, then Glo offers you choices that can’t be found anywhere else.