Succeeding as an App Developer

How can you or anyone else succeed as an independent app developer when there are already millions of order app developers doing the same thing? DC app developers who are a reputable mobile app development company shares some tips on how to succeed working as an independent app developer:

Study the Bad Apps

For every independent app developer hoping to succeed, you need to study not just the successful apps, but the bad and failed ones as well. Learn to determine what the app did wrong and ensure you do not repeat the mistake.

Many people only study the top of the charts. Studying the bottom if the chart also, according to DC app developers, will show you want to not to do in order to succeed.

Increase Output and Decrease Time

Focus on creating simple apps that. Abe published in at most six to eight weeks. This allows you to test different ideas and create a good portfolio of apps which in turn will increase your chances of success.

Emphasize on Good Design

To succeed as an independent app developer, you need to place a high premium on good designs. A clean, flat, iOS 8 design with a good app name and a well-crafted icon will increase the likelihood of that app being featured and increases your shot at success.

Phillip Stollenmayer, from Kamibox who had two games featured by Apple in consecutive weeks, advises that “Design is everything”.

Build Something You are Passionate About

Build something you are passionate about and that the amount of energy you output into it will shine through and start an early traction and positive reviews.

It is important you treat yourself as the most important user if the app. Remember that some top app developers would still be creating apps even when their apps wouldn’t work.

Emphasize on Simplicity

It is important to get the ease of use right and have the app do things that will simply delight its users. Your goal as an app developer should be to create an app for someone who has no clue about what the software does but can figure everything out within seconds.

Be Persistent

The most notable successes usually take a long time to happen. They weren’t overnight achievements. Be passionate about what you are making. Be passionate and continually learn with each new version update and each new app that is published.

Find a Technical Support Partner

This is all about having a small core team that has the same drive and vision as you do. Hiring a technical co-founder allows you to bootstrap a minimum viable product to the market with someone who has invested in the idea. Most often than not, people with great and innovative ideas are often deficient financially. So you need some financial and technical backbone.

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