Strategies to Deal with Technical Debt

You have so many opportunities to first avoid getting into a tech debt and then to address the present tech debt rightly. Take a look at some of the strategies that can help you manage tech debt:

  • Start with up front thinking- one of the basic goals is to acknowledge the initial technical strategy. By thinking about the critical tech problems before the execution of the solution you have the chance to ignore the technical strategy which requires reworking in a future date. The most efficient idea to manage technical debt is to avoid it in the first position.
  • Appoint an unambiguous architecture owner- the architecture owner is liable to guide the team in all the technical decisions, especially those which deal at the architectural segments. They mentor the team in designing and help them avoid new tech debt from occurring. They also handle the present tech debt and motivate the team to manage it appropriately.Image result for Strategies to Deal with Technical Debt
  • Go enterprise aware- well-disciplined teams are enterprise aware which means they leverage and advance the overall functioning of the organization. They work in close coordination with the enterprise architecture and know how to take advantage of the present assets like coding, patterns, templates or any such thing.
  • Refactoring- there are several forms of refactoring like database refactoring, code refactoring, user interface refactoring etc. Refactoring is usually a small amendment like renaming a task or changing the database column.
  • Regression test periodically- one of the simplest ideas to sort problems in technical work is to go for a full-fledged regression test from time to time. The test helps in detecting when defects are inserted in the code and allows you to fix them and make changes, right away.
  • Automate code evaluation- there are several tools accessible for evaluating your code quality and database scheme. Professional development teams include these tools in their CI (continuous integration) plan.
  • Analyze tech debt- companies which are serious about tech debt, analyze it. It can be done with code analysis tools. This way you can keep a check on the trends, track the quality of the codes, and find time to add specs and to address defects.
  • Clearly monitor technical debt- while some strategies require investment to evaluate technical debt which all companies aren’t ready to go for. In order to make your organization succeed with lower technical debt, you need to monitor technical debt clearly. This should be understood by the senior management and funded efficiently.
  • Lowering technical debt should be your motto- technical debt will not fix itself but it will worsen with time and get more expensive. Thus, your motto should be to lower it with every passing project.
  • Observe technical debt before releasing the software- passing software with massive tech debt to other teams like maintenance group isn’t a good idea. It should be solved in your section. It is not likely to expect the maintenance group to accept systems which heavy tech debt.

However, if tech debt has been experienced, then it is important to get it cleared. Click here to find out how to select a consolidation company to repay tech debt.