Some ways to hack your Facebook account

With 2 billion users, Facebook is a worthwhile target for hackers. Thousands of accounts are hacked daily. The hackers are particularly interested in the personal data that they usually use against the hacking victim. How to hack into someone’s Facebook? The followings are the common types of attacks:

Facebook phishing

Hackers like to use the so-called phishing method. The hackers first create a page that looks exactly like the login page of Facebook. Then send the user an e-mail and ask him to log in there. However, the entered login data does not end up on Facebook, but on the computer of the hacker.


This method works very easy. The hacker installs a program on the victim’s computer that stores all keystrokes and sends them to the hacker.


Do you save your passwords in the browser? This is very convenient, but not a safe method. Hackers can easily gain access to this. Better use a Password Manager. I personally use 1 Password and am very satisfied with it.

Session hijacking

If you use http connections, hackers can tamper with your data. Better use browser plugins that direct you to a safe version of the page you want to visit.

Side Jacking

In sidejacking, hackers steal your credentials. This works especially well in wireless public networks.

Mobile Phone Hacking

In this method, the hacker gains access to the victim’s smartphone. This usually gives them access to the Facebook account because most users have an app installed to sign in to Facebook. You can protect yourself by having your mobile phone number confirmed by Facebook. So you can recover your password if you lost or forgot it. Facebook simply sends you a new one as an SMS. Android devices also have the ability to secure access to Facebook by adding a security code in addition to your password.