Social Media Listening with Netbase

What Is Netbase?

Netbase is a social media analytics platform. This is a platform that companies all around the world use in order to attract customers, connect with those customers, and revamp their business. Netbase is able to process and analyze social media post every second. This process enables companies to do target campaigns, improve customer service, and create innovative products or services.

What Is Social Media Listening?

Each day, individuals use their social media platforms to connect with the world and share their opinion. If you have a company, you want to protect the integrity of that company. If individuals are making negative or positive comments about your company or brand, you want to be on top of that. This is where social media listening comes into play. It is a two-part monitoring system. Social media listening finds the source of social conversations and helps the company to integrate strategies that will create change. Apart from that, social listening follows social media conversations, mentions, and post. Social monitoring is like social listening, but it lacks the application of innovative strategies. With social media listening, your company is able to create products and content that your followers are interested in. This is content that will improve their customer experience and offer them consistent enhancements.

Listen To Your Customers

You want to give your customers what they want, rather than what you think they want. By analyzing social media content, you are able to react to your customer’s input. So many people are willing to publicly share their opinion about a company. Savvy businesses listen to what their customers are saying. Apart from that, customers appreciate being listened to. Research shows that the majority of customers appreciate responses from their favorite brands. Since that is the case, your company does well to quickly and promptly respond to all customer inquiries. When customers are listened to, they feel appreciated, and a high percentage of them are motivated to make a purchase with a brand that is responsive to their inquiries. This involves more than merely responding; it means that you are able to give them valuable answers that provide true solutions. When your company is able to do that, you will be able to retain customers and create brand loyalty.

Minimize Scandals or Serious Issues

When you are constantly keeping track of your brand with an analytical platform like Netbase, you are able to minimize negative publicity. If there are a few negative or unkind comments made about your brand, that is a common occurrence, but if there are overwhelming negative responses to your brand, service, or product, then you do well to take action. When Netbase analyzes your social media platforms, you are able to see if these negative comments are actually having an impact on your followers or your company sales. By doing this, you can take decisive measures to change your company’s image or product.

Stay Up On Social Media

It is impossible for a company to keep up with all of its social media responses on its own. That is where a company like Netbase comes in. Netbase is able to give you real-time solutions to all of your social media acquisitions or comments. This allows you to stay connected with your customers and to meet their needs.