Social Listening and NetBase


The process of segmenting, analyzing and monitoring conversations is social listening. This type of listening is used across social media. It is used to measure how effective social campaigns are, to uels content creation, and measure brand sentiment. These measurements are used for target audiences. Social listening will allow you to tune in to customers and find out what they are saying. This method will allow you to answer back with the correct thing.


NetBase is a company that is a leader in the social listening platform wave. This company enables you to get insights in real time into all of the consumer conversations. NetBase can analyze all of the customer’s data which includes survey, digital, social and care. This social listening can drive a business positively. They can meet all of your data needs by using scales and Al & Machine Learning. Many important companies use NetBase in order to boost campaign performance, protect brand health, and improve crisis management.

NetBase can help your company use image analytics, social media analytics, social media intelligence, social media sentiment analysis and social competitive analysis. It can also use extended history by going back in time by four years. NetBase has a 2019 guide to instagram listening strategy Ebook.


Dozens of various ways can be used in the business world with this listening method. NLP, which is natural language processing, is a major form used to get customer sentiment that is correct. Media listening is the method of searching the social space and the web to learn what is out there about your competitors, your company and other important items of interest.


Every day over 60% of consumers worldwide use social media platforms. All of these users have approximately 5.54 accounts in social media. At least 75% of companies have no idea where their most important consumers are saying about them. The method of listening socially will enable companies to be in touch with their customers and their opinions of their business.


Listening socially can be used for everything. This doesn’t mean just your brand, but all the things that you audience is interested in. This modern approach of marketing trumps demographics by usng opinions, behaviors, attitudes and psychographics. The old manner of marketing that uses superficial factors is going out of style and does not work anymore. Nowadays your audience wants everything to be all about them.

Demographics, however, can still be used. They can still be a great point to start with. Today they are simply not the only way to go. By using psychographics you will learn that your audience is even more expansive that you had thought.


The best results are achieved by focusing efforts on identifying who your influencers and advocates are that are driving the most engagement. Feel-alike users are segments with shared interests that they are excited about. This is because social sharing is driven by emotion.

Identifying the trends, topics and content that your audience will certainly share and interact with works well. Also learning the channels that your audience uses the most; these can be a surprise. Finding out where the best opportunity is to connect with the psychographic attributes that the audience uses is another important factor.