SMB Technology and Digital Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Businesses large and small can no longer hope to stay relevant and competitive without appropriate tools and powerful technology. And while enterprise businesses remain at the forefront of innovative applications, SMBs still have a long way to go in employing smart in-house software and online tools.

In 2019, we’ll see more small business owners join perennial digital trends such as AI, social media ads, influencer marketing, and cybersecurity. At the same time, exciting new developments will allow them to reach higher levels of operational productivity and efficiency. The future of business is here.

Software Integration

Not only will SMBs become better at using smart business tools for their everyday operations but they will also learn how to integrate them for easier access and greater efficiency. We’re expecting a breakthrough with software integration platforms that will finally allow SMB tools to communicate seamlessly.  This time next year, you will hopefully be able to deploy them all from a centralized hub.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based solutions will no longer be a luxury enjoyed solely by enterprise businesses. In 2019, more and more SMBs will start applying artificial intelligence to their business operations, ranging from administrative tasks to customer service. Free AI chatbots will help small businesses automate their manual tasks and deliver personalized experiences to their customers, just like enterprises now do.

Social Media Ads

In terms of advertising, popular social media sites will continue to dominate trends and dictate marketing strategies. Facebook and Instagram ads will remain the most powerful technique for lead generation and customer conversion, while omnichannel marketing will initiate a new generation of SMB tools for social listening and analysis. 10x content and creative visuals will be crucial for success.

Influencer Marketing

Following in the footsteps of leading brands, small business runners will start building relationships with internet celebrities. Along with that, SMBs will finally tap into influencer marketing to reach larger audiences and drive more sales. 2019 will be marked by local and micro influencers such as gyms and restaurants, dethroning fashion and makeup brands that are currently running the show.

SMB Cybersecurity

Every SMB will have to find its own information technology company and join the battle for more secure cyberspace. The year 2019 is the due date for every business, no matter how small, to start taking cybersecurity measures more seriously. And, with 61% of reported cyber-attacks occurring at smaller businesses, it is clear that SMBs must start employing more robust solutions for fending off criminals.

What do you think? What SMB digital trends will dominate this year?