Remotely Monitor Facebook and Tinder with TheOneSpy!

The social networking apps are very popular these days and young kids and teens are using the social messaging apps no time ever before. They do such type of activities on these social media apps that really helps to boost their communication skills and even explore the whole world. It is all arguably debatable that social media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Viber, Whatsapp and plenty of others alike are the best tools for the communication. But on the other hand, when we talk the negative aspects of the social messaging apps, there are as ineffective for young kids and teens and for business and for the people who are in a relationship.

But all of these social media apps usually used by the users through cell phones when connected to the internet. So, the primary concern of parents should be the mobile phones. They should teach their kids and teens to decrease their screen time. Parents and spouses can monitor all trendy instant messaging apps, but today we will tell you how to monitor Facebook and Tinder by using the TheOneSpy cell phone spying app. Let’s discuss it shortly!

An Overview of TheOneSpy Spy software for Cell Phones

Spy software for the cell phone should be TheOneSpy. If you are looking forward to tracking the activities of someone on cell phone device especially when a target is using the social messaging apps, it will work under complete secrecy. Its state of the art features will provide you an outstanding experience of spying on someone’s mobile phone.

It provides users tool such as IM’s social media, tracks GPS location, views multimedia files, keylogger, TOS spy 360, Live screen recording, remotely phone controller, spy on messages, monitor calls, read emails, live screen recording, and screenshots. All these surveillance tools of spy software for cell phones are affordable for every single user because TheOneSpy provides you in such a reasonable price with the bundle of contemporary features. Let’s discuss remotely monitoring of Tinder and Facebook.

Monitor Facebook & Tinder through TOS Features

Facebook & Tinder are the most frequently used apps these days among the people such as young kids and teens, employees use it within the working hours in their offices and spouses use it as well. Stalkers, bullies and sexual predators are the online enemies of teens. In the business world, wasting time on messengers is common and cyber infidelity has risen over the years by using the Facebook messenger and dating apps such as Tinder. Let’s discuss how to monitor Facebook and Tinder through TOS features.

IM’s social media

The user can track the IM’s logs of Facebook such chat logs, conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos. Similarly, the user can track the Tinder activities on the cell phone, contacts; shared media files photos and videos, text chats, and conversations. The user can protect kids and teens by keeping an eye on these social media apps to the fullest.

Live screen recording

Live screen recording enables a user to make back to back short videos of the screen when a user is using Facebook app or Tinder instant messaging app. The user can view the short screen videos of the target cell phone device by getting access to the online control panel of the TOS. It means parents can set parental control on their teen digital media activities such as Tinder and Facebook. On the other hand’s spouses that are suspicious about the partner’s activities on the messengers, they can track it through live screen recording of the mobile spy software to keep an eye on their partners social messaging apps activities.

TOS spy 360 screen sharing  

User can use TOS spy 360 screen sharing to catch the screen activities of the target cell phone device, whether parents want to monitor the screen of teen’s mobile phone and spouses want to spy on partner’s cell phone screen when using Facebook and Tinder dating app. It empower user to broadcast the screen into the TOS dashboard where user can view it in real-time.  


Get your hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target cell phone by using the TOS cell phone tracker spy. User can get password keystrokes of Facebook and Tinder applied on the target mobile phone, SMS keystrokes, email keystrokes and messenger keystrokes. Having all the keystrokes user can get access into the target person Facebook and Tinder account and get to know what is happening there.