Realistic Reasons Why Mobile Phone Batteries Fail Quickly

Everybody knows how significant mobile phones to each and every one of us. They act like our caller ids. They act like our representation or our bridge to be connected. A mobile phone however, will not be useful without its battery. Its battery is its food. Just like humans can’t function and will eve die without foods, your mobile phones will also be like that. The thing is, there are times when a battery life is shortened like it did not last the way it says in the manufacturer’s manual. Is it factory defect or maybe because it is because of how it is used?


What do your think are the reasons why a lot of mobile phone owners complain about their batteries like they drain easily?


When your phone is always in deadspots areas, its battery will exert more effort to look for signal. Such activity is quite battery intensive task. Though of course, it is also a drag turning off your phone every time you end up in a dead spot, nevertheless, if you are in such area at night, you should turn it off to save your battery.


Brightness too high

This is a no-brainer. Of course your phone is illuminated by the battery and the brighter your display is, the more battery it utilizes. You can set the sleep feature of your phone so that it will just dim automatically after a number of seconds or you can also set it so that it will just adjust its own extent of illumination based on its surroundings though this might not be available for all models of phones.

Apps not closed

This is another reason. Most of the time, a mobile phone user will just automatically open another app without really closing the previous one he uses. When those previously used apps are not closed before opening another, they are not only slowing down your phone but at the same time, they are also using your battery.

Notifications are constant

If your phone is always busy, of course it will use your battery for its every activity. Like for example if you are always calling or texting or maybe you subscribe to a number of programs thus you get constant notifications, every time this happens your phone will light up and your battery is used.


Not charging appropriately

Batteries are complicated and they don’t have the same components with the batteries before. If you are used to fully drain your battery before charging it as that is what you are instructed before, this is not the same with new phones. With the new batteries, you must charge them once they reach 20%.

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