ProGo 3000: here comes the green light to a healthier future

The search for a ‘greener’ type of fuel has been held for a couple of decades now. Over that time there’ve been plenty of electrically driven vehicles issued, same as hybrid type cars, powered by both gasoline engine and electric motor. But it so turned, those not only boasted some visible virtues but also came up with the mere disadvantages like long battery recharge, expensive parts replacement and so on. And one could say the initially put task remained unsolved for a long time… up to the moment, ProGo Recreation introduced its ProGo 3000. This propane scooter became the first to lead the era of eco-friendly vehicles.

Compact and never failing kind of a product

Naturally, when purchasing a thing like scooter people are usually guided by one and the same goal – to own something compact. By term ‘compact’ they usually mean a device, which doesn’t require much space to operate and store. In regards to that fact, there’s probably no better appliance than ProGo 3000. Its width is just 9.5 inches (the lower part) and it can always find the way out of a road jam no matter how bad the situation is. Add here the ability to be folded and carried and you’ll get a device that won’t ever keep you waiting. Despite the fact it’s not that fast (the maximum speed is 20 mph) it can still bring you to your job faster than any car in a rush hour.

Another good thing about the scooter is it’s equipped with a four-stroke engine. For a product owner, it provides one significant advantage – you’ll never get troubles with priming, jamming or starting your engine. The easy pull start function is assigned to make your engine starting process quick and effortless.

Easy in use and maintenance-free appliance

In order to continue the list of benefits, one has to say the product is lightweight, user-friendly and has one significant edge over the gas-powered scooters – it is ecologically clean. The label on the engine cover clearly states the model is EPA and CARB approved, meaning it produces minimal emissions and doesn’t harm the environment. Thus, it can be used practically everywhere, even in places where gas vehicles are prohibited by law. All the exhausts that come after combustion process easily dissolve in the air, leaving no sign or the slightest scent. Propane is the sort of fuel that burns completely without any wastes.

With regards to that fact there’s one more advantage worth mentioning: while the fuel leaves practically no deposits inside a combustion chamber, there’s no need to constantly check the engine. And considering a relatively slow maximum speed it’s quite unlikely the mechanisms are going to jam due to overheating. Eventually, fewer troubles mean less time spent on repairs and less money thrown down the drain. So, when purchasing a product like ProGo 3000, you not just show care about the environment and you kid’s future, you also save plenty of dollars in a long-term use.