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People are now habituated having printed materials like books, newspapers, magazines, posters and many other things. The printing press has a significant benefit in our daily life. It allows us large numbers and colossal information as quickly as possible. The invention of the printing press drastically changed the life of society.

Before the existence of the printing factory or press, people use to transcribe books, wax, clay, and parchment. Men who lived or worked in the monasteries are reserved to copy this.


Scriptorium is  one of the special rooms present in the monasteries. There was complete silence when the scribe works. They use to copy from another book and later add designs. These books were owned by the monasteries, rich people, or educational institutions. Mostly, the religious books were needed to be spread among people. These were the only medium of spreading knowledge as there was no source or machine of printing.

The invention of the Printing Press

In the 13th to 14th century, people made a wooden block. People used to dip the block in ink and press in on paper. A German named Johann Gutenberg realized to use cut blocks in a machine to make the printing process faster. But, Gutenberg used metal instead of woodblocks, and that was the first ‘movable type machine.’ Gutenberg made the printed book, and it was a Bible.

How the Printing Press Works

The type blocks are set in a frame, and together these blocks made a sentence. As the letters are reversed, ink the blocks and lay a sheet of paper on the block and a roller is passed through to ensure the ink is transferred to the article. After lifting the paper, the reader can read it. But, all this work is done by hand. However, in the 19th century, the first type of print press, the steam power press came into existence. This machine did not require any manual effort.

Letter Press

According to Gutenberg, it requires a person to operate the inking and pressing the blocks on paper in letterpress. Therefore, in the early days everything was done manually. However, the letterpress made a beautiful look of letters using small and boutique printers.

Offset press creates a revolution in the printing industries. But, the digital media revolutionized the printing industry by using advanced inkjet or laserjet technology to print the paper.


As you can look into the development of printing technology, there is a profound change in the process. The smarter and better technology of print factory has helped to make our life better. These tools are perfect and way more stylish than earlier technologies. The high-quality color engine has taken printing to a whole new level.