Phone plummeted to its death? Take it to the service store

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Don’t try fixes and suggestions off the Internet – take your phone to the service centre and let them advise you on the next steps.

It was a normal day until disaster has struck: you were standing at the window talking on your mobile phone to a friend when somebody tapped you on the shoulder. Startled, you whipped around so quickly that your phone slipped out of your fingers and plunged to the ground two floors below!

You just knew that your phone had probably met with an early demise, but you still hoped that something, anything could be done to salvage it. Well-meaning friends and colleagues suggested ways to get it running back again. Suggestions ranged from attempting a reboot several times per minute, to opening the hood and checking for loose wires or circuit breaks.

Here’s our suggestion: To try re-imaging or rebooting thephone yourself before you visit the service centreDo nothing else on your own. Just go to Motorola service centre, and get the phone examined for signs of life.

Why the service centre is your best bet

The service centre for your phone has dealt with issues similar, or identical, to yours before. They have the equipment and technical expertise to deal with broken phones and other related matters. For instance, if you have a Motorola phone and go to the Motorola service centre, then the process may take these steps:

* It might not be completely broken, after all. Though you were probably unable to reboot the phone, the service centre personnel can. Your phone might even be lucky enough to survive the fall and only end up with a broken screen or another hardware problem – which is easily fixable at a nominal cost.

* You get a thorough analysis of the next steps. The Motorola service centre will not waste your time while checking out the issue, or give you an inflated estimate of repairs. If nothing can be done for the phone, the centre will tell you so. But if the phone can be salvaged, then they will explain the next steps in detail, as also the cost you will incur.

* It might require a software overhaul. In case there is a deeper problem, then the service centre can conduct a hardware repair and then proceed to wipe the phone clean and replace its software. This might result in some additional fees for you. The Motorola service centre will flash the latest update on your phone, which is recommended.

* Take your decision. After weighing the pros and cons of getting the repairs done, especially the cost you will incur, you might decide to buy a new phone entirely. Do take this decision in consultation with the service centre.

Never try to fix your phone yourself!

Most people are happy to open up the phone body and tinker around inside it. Doing this may result in additional harm, and may make it tougher to repair the device. Also do not attempt to stick a broken screen with tape, or try to force the battery out – this might irretrievably damage the phone.