Orlando iPhone Repairer Explains How to Solve Most Common Issues

A quality smartphone of high performances is not just a matter of prestige; it has become a necessary gadget in everyday life. Sometimes, we exaggerate in looking at the screen of our cell, and on this link find reasons why we should take a break of it.

Famous brands are competing, which one will present a more innovative (expensive) model. Apple is at the very top of the list for sure. And when you spend a large amount of money on a smartphone, you expect it to work correctly, without any unpleasant surprises, difficulties, and bugs in work.

Every smartphone will work smoothly for some time. The price may be determining the quality, but it doesn’t guarantee it. Even the most expensive iPhone model currently on the market, the iPhone X, is prone to failures. Breakdowns happen when you least hope, and in the text below, you can find a list of the most common bugs on iPhone devices, as well as suggestions on how to solve these issues.

The Device Doesn’t Turn On

This situation can be frustrating, especially if you are sure that the reason for this is not an empty battery. However, the first step is to check if the phone is charging. If the iPhone doesn’t respond when you pin the charger, try using another charger for which you are sure to work.

If you find that the battery is not the problem with your iPhone, you’ll probably need to replace the charging connector on your device or the battery is damaged. You can quickly check this in every phone repair service.

Charging Issues

If your iPhone is charging slower than usual, the problem is often simpler than you think and most often does not require service intervention. Users of the iPhone models since 2012 usually encounter this issue. That year, Apple introduced an innovative Lightning connector, which was narrower and deeper than the previous one.

More about this ‘innovation’ check on this page:


This charging technology has been an improvement because this way of connecting with the charger is much safer and more straightforward. However, what should have been an advantage has turned out to be a defect. Dirt and dust accumulate inside the hole, which prevents the connection of the charger and device. The solution is to thoroughly clean the connectors into the iPhone using a toothpick or needle. Before this, don’t forget to turn the device off.

No Wi-Fi Connection

With this bug, at the very beginning, you should eliminate the possibility that the problem is the Internet you are trying to connect to, but also the functionality of the router. Check that with the other device. If it works without delay, the problem is in your iPhone.

Try restart, as the first solution for all the malfunctions you notice on your device. If there are no changes, try resetting all the network settings. This action can lead to the loss of specific data in the form of stored passwords, previously paired Bluetooth devices, earlier Wi-Fi connections, and so on. Your iPhone will always ask you if you are sure you want to do a complete reset.

Impossibility to Install Apps

It is a long list of reasons why you can’t install an app on an iPhone mobile phone. Some of them are a poor Internet connection and insufficient memory in the device. Maybe you didn’t even register to an online store with your Apple ID, which is a condition for downloading apps.

After you have eliminated the previous reasons, Love My Phone Repair in Orlando suggests checking the Apple Store settings. Keep in mind that many apps are not free, so pay attention to this segment (do you have enough funds to buy them, do you enter all the necessary data, etc.).

If you are a proud owner of an expensive smartphone, you should know the repair is not cheap. You will often give several tens of dollars for the smallest malfunction. iPhone users can solve some minor defects with the help of an Internet forum or tutorial. You can always hire repairer if you prefer to pay for a professional service rather than to waste time on it.