Operating System For VPS Web Hosting: Linux Vs Windows

Virtual Private Server, famously called VPS, is an advanced form of hosting in the 21st century’s technology-friendly world. It is more reliable than shared hosting and less expensive than a dedicated server. In addition, VPS web hosting is extremely popular among website owners of all kinds for its flexibility and useful features.

Do you know that an operating system has a crucial role in hosting? Yes, it has. The operating system is the foundation system software on a hosting server. Without it, the existence of a host is not possible. Generally, there are two kinds of operating systems for VPS hosting- Windows and Linux. While setting up a server for your web hosting, it is essential to figure out which operating you require.

  • Windows For VPS


In the digital world, Microsoft Windows is an extremely popular brand. It has acquired a large share of the personal computer sector. From offices to homes and schools, the operating system is almost everywhere. Its server version is almost similar to the OS version. One of the most obvious reasons to choose Microsoft Windows for hosting is its easy configuration and usage.

However, Windows is not a popular operating system for VPS hosting. You can have it for your server in a case where your website may require running codes in ASP or ASP.net. In addition, it is the right option to pick when your hosting requirements include the use of MSSQL database. A major drawback of Microsoft Windows for the host is that it requires a monthly license fee. This may put an extra burden on your pocket and make the operating system for a VPS server an expensive affair.

  • Linux For VPS

Compared to Microsoft Windows, Linux is a more reliable and cost-effective operating system for a hosting server. It doesn’t come with any extra monthly fee and provides a host with plenty of useful features to effectively manage a website. In addition, it is also easy to work with the Linux operating system.

There are plenty of features of Linux that make it a better choice than Windows. They include flexibility, reliability, compatibility, development, interaction, and so on. You can choose it for your web hosting in the case you want to make your site more user-friendly and reliable. Apart from that, the operating system provides you with numbers of features to improve the performance and uptime of your site. As Linux is known to be open source, it becomes a lot easier for you to change server configuration.

The only thing that goes against the Linux operating system is that you need to have at least some sort of knowledge about the OS and hosting.

Verdict- Which Is The Best? 

Like everything else, both the operating systems have their own share of pros and cons. If control and security is your concern, then choose Windows for VPS hosting. On the other hand, Linux is a better option to pick when your needs include flexibility, interaction, and development. The best operating system for your web host is one that suits your requirements. Identify your requirements and select the right OS. All the best!

Compared to Microsoft Windows, Linux is a more reliable and cost-effective operating system for a hosting server according to Top5Hosting.