Official Launch of LivesToken Mining in January 2018

A mining browser created by a joint force of Maxthon USA and Symbiosism Economy Foundation (Singapore), has finally been launched at the end of past January. Simply by using the provided browser, a user can get a new kind of cryptocurrency called LivesToken (LVT). Both LivesToken and LivesOne virtual bank (its web-based version is called LivesOne Wallet) go online around the same time. The LivesOne virtual bank allows users to enjoy features such as Security Center as well as Assets Center, both of which are dedicated to protecting the security of a user’s finance and account. The LivesToken itself will be kept within a LivesOne Account by default. A user can withdraw the currency to an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with ERC-20 token. To sign up for a LivesOne account, a user can go to the official website of LivesToken and LivesOne,

LivesOne platform issues LivesToken in an effort to make Symbiosism Economy prosper. The blockchain-based cryptocurrency is based on an advanced technology of blockchain and the standard of an ERC-20 token, similar to BTC and ETH. All basic features of a cryptocurrency can be observed in LivesToken including the ability to quantify and compensate a user’s time spent on the internet and their online behaviors. A user’s both creative and common online labor will be aggregated by LivesToken.

Users and Business can Prosper and Develop Together in the Era of Symbiosism Economy

Symbiosism Economy itself is a new business model and a revolutionary economic era ushered in based on the technology of blockchain and crpytocurrency. Cryptocurrency, for the uninitiated, is a type of a digital currency that is secured with encryption system. The rise of cryptocurrency offers a never-before heard solution to the old problem of connecting businesses and users in a way that is more closely in order that a business community can be established.

Big industry players like Google was initially established as a really small company. Those small companies then benefitted from a collective attempt by users that are far-sighted and enthusiastic, all of who sought to promote and develop the company itself at its early stage. This interaction then led to the company’s development and success in the process. Unfortunately, said users and all of their efforts went unrewarded as there were no tangible compensation granted to those supporters of such companies in their early stage of inception.

This is what Symbiosism Economy Foundation seeks to rectify by launching its technological innovation of cryptocurrency and blockchain. LivesOne uses Symbiosim Economy as a form of new business model, through which the development of a business can be tied to a new form of a cryptocurrency namely LivesToken. A business, during its development process, could seek to distribute an amount of crptocurrency to their users. This way, said business can aggregate their users’ online behaviors to quantify and compensate the generated value. In the process, a user’s benefit will tie closely to the development of a business. The value of LivesToken rises exponentially in accordance with a business’s revenue.