New Licensing Changes Have Been Made with Archive Manager by MLtek

If your company is struggling because they can’t find a simple or cost effective software program to help you come to grips with your fast spreading file system. If it is taking up 1st tier storage you need for something else, you just have to try Archive Manager by MLtek. This program will take your problems and put them behind you.

Size doesn’t matter

It does not matter if the size of your file system is less than 1 TB or up to multiple PetaBytes, MLtek can help you bring order to your chaos and also:

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  • Help you save money on backups by reducing the data that you need to backup;
  • Cut the times for restore in the event of your system meeting a disaster;
  • Help you come in compliance with any relevant legislation in your region concerning the retention of data and information such as in the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom;
  • Will let you free up considerably more space that is needed for other tasks.

Free or trial version

You can download a trial version of this product and give it a test run. This trial or free download is fully featured and will enable you to completely explore all that Archive Manager has to offer your systems and you can do it on your own time.

Type licenses

Up to now all the licenses were permanent and functioned on the “buy once and use forever” basis with only support being annually renewed. But everything needs a good change occasionally and that is what MLtek did. In spite of their licensing cost being only a small fraction of what their competitors cost and already being anremarkable value for the money – they wanted to make the initial cost a better value.

Company goal

MLtek is a company that is based in the United Kingdom and their goal is to offer simple solutions for various IT infrastructure problems. Their staff has extensive experience in IT infrastructure problems and solutions. They all are familiar with some of the challenges that infrastructure in computer science can be.

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