Mugo Touch: All-in-One Volume Touch Control Wireless Earbuds

Finding the right headphones can be hard. Sometimes they don’t play audio as well as other brands, sometimes they don’t fit, and sometimes they just tend to be cheap and break easily. No matter the case, finding the perfect headphones is more difficult for most people than it is for others.

Introducing Mugo Touch, an all new innovative pair of headphones that’ll have you wishing you found them sooner. Mugo Touch is an all in one volume touch control wireless earbud set, built in with Siri and Google Assistant. If you’re looking for an amazing set of headphones, you’ve finally found them.

What makes Mugo Touch so great? There’s many features on these tiny little earbuds that make them so much better than any other wireless headphones on the market. Ranging from the quality of the music to the touch system, you’ll find that these headphones are a great find.

The earpiece features an amazing touch feature that allows you to change the music, the volume, take calls, activate voice commands, and even more. To control music, all you need to do is touch the left earphone for more than 3 seconds which will increase the volume, and the right earphone for more than 3 seconds to reduce the volume. You won’t even have to worry about reaching for your phone when you have the Mugo Touch earbuds.

In addition to this, the earbuds also feature Swarovski Crystals, making them the most beautiful headphones that you’ll be able to find. They’re classy, chic, and they’re guaranteed to gain attention from people around you.

You definitely won’t need to worry about these headphones dying on you either. The handmade leather boxes are charging boxes, meaning you can charge them up at any time on the go. The small, compact case is perfect for fitting into your bag, or even sitting on your desk at work. The charging box can charge the headphones up to four times, and the headphones last six hours each time.

The box that the headphones come in even features magnetic technology, ensuring that your headphones won’t fall out or get lost at all. You won’t have to worry about them falling out and getting lost, because they’re sat perfectly inside of their leather cases.

Experience wise, Mugo Touch headphones have the best quality music of any other wireless headphones. The 9.6mm enhanced vocal unit is rather powerful, giving amazing tone quality and a richer surround stereo field. These headphones truly give you a one of a kind professional experience.

If something you worry about when it comes to buying headphones is if they’ll fit comfortably or not, don’t worry. Mugo’s headphones have an extra secure fit with zero discomfort. The in ear design can adapt to all ears, ensuring a comfortable fit that’ll last all day long.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Mugo Touch headphones at a great price, head over to their Kickstarter page here. Back the project and you’ll receive your very own pair of Mugo Touch headphones as soon as they’re ready to ship.