Microsoft Surface Book –The Ultimate Windows 10 Laptop

An extremely lightweight personal computer is Laptop computer, which typically weigh-less than 6 pounds and are small enough to fit easily in a briefcase. Computer technology become more advance and every year the size of computer becomes smaller and thinner. Laptops have taken place on the desktop computer. It has now become very popular because it is flexible, easy to carry and easy to use. Now there are many companies who are making laptops. But to find the perfect laptop for work – there are many computer technology news websites, who provide full information about the devices. And tells you which company is best in making high-end laptops.

Such as Microsoft the best-know company all over the world, launched many of high-performing devices. The company recently launched the upgrade version of the Microsoft Surface Book –a two-in-one laptop, with 30 percent more battery life and doubles the graphics performance of its predecessor.


Surface Book has a 13.5-inch display with high image quality that rivals the real life. The screen supports the pen and touch screen and comes with a backlit, scissor-action keyboard and a glass trackpad.

Surface Pen writes naturally so you can easily take handwritten notes and, if you like convert them into text. Lose the papers and printouts that you carry around all day. Surface Pen with Plam Block technology lets rest your hand on the screen to write naturally, just like a pad of paper.

The laptop comes with a latest Intel Core i7 processor and runs Windows 10. Having a powerful laptop isn’t always about being productive, sometimes you’ll want to play hard on your breaks too. Surface book comes with up to 1TB of storage, so you’ll have all the space you need for photos, videos and music.

The device has 16GB RAM and comes with NIVIDIA GeForec GTX 956M GPU. The laptop has an immense 90 watt-hour battery inside, the battery life is up to 16-hours.

Instead of carrying around your heavy laptop, tangled power cord, and a pile of notebooks everywhere you go, just bring Surface to class. Which is lightweight just 3.63 pounds.