Latest List Of 2019 Best Altcoin Exchanges

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The cryptocurrency market has expanded, leading to the rise of various cryptocurrency exchanges and altcoin exchanges. It is a challenge trying to recognize which exchange safeguards your investments, privacy and presents the best services to you.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges work with fiat currency, but others do not. Some exchanges work with many wallets while the rest utilize theirs. A number of exchanges handle many cryptocurrencies while others have just a few trading pairs.

Defining an Altcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the same as a fiat currency exchange or a stock exchange. It provides a technical method of buying or trading a cryptocurrency.

This kind of financial exchange can facilitate the transfer of different digital assets also. The user can use these financial exchanges to purchase, sell or trade cryptocurrencies on these financial exchanges also termed as digital currency exchanges (DCEs).

These exchanges are the same as financial exchanges in that the investor can make a market order or a limit order. The brokerage procedure at the sites for the best cryptocurrency exchanges operates similarly as it does for other financial assets.

Some of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2019


It is the easiest to use cryptocurrency exchange. Customers can use a connected bank account, credit card, debit card, Interac online, or Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) to purchase. It is located in San Francisco CA and is the most prominent Bitcoin broker in the world.

Coinbase Pro.

It is ideal for intermediate traders. It provides a unique, exceptional factor among cryptocurrency exchanges. They do not impose charges for buying Litecoin, BTC, Ether, Basic Attention Token or 0x. They often increase tokens.


It is the friendliest Cryptocurrency & Altcoin Exchange. With Changelly it is easy to begin buying or trading cryptocurrency. It offers 35 cryptocurrencies and also gives cryptocurrencies to exchange using fiat pairs such as the Euro and the US dollar.


It is generally the best Altcoin Exchange. The Binance Exchange in Malta carried out its initial coin offering (IC0) and it is still developing fast. It ranks among the leading ten cryptocurrency exchanges globally.


It one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and offers the longest established major cryptocurrency exchanges. More than 190 states access its services. It has maintained its excellent standing by sustaining its rules and offering strong safety.

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Kinds of Cryptocurrency exchanges

There are two main kinds of cryptocurrency exchanges:

Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges – the investor can buy, trade or sell a cryptocurrency with the use of different cryptocurrencies, for example, buying Ether using Bitcoin or XRP using Ether.

Fiat exchanges – the investor buys, trades or sells a cryptocurrency by utilizing a state-backed currency also referred to as fiat currency.

Considerations for selecting a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Safety
  • Supported currencies
  • Payment techniques
  • User-friendliness
  • Fees and commissions charged
  • Geographic location

Cryptocurrency Wallets

In addition to selecting the appropriate exchange, you also require a cold and hot cryptocurrency wallet for keeping your investments safe. Many exchanges provide an inbuilt wallet online. However, do not use them for storing your purchases for a lengthy period as they can be hacked.


There is no exchange that is perfect for everyone,but you can protect your investments and improve your experience by choosing a leading cryptocurrency exchange. The best altcoin exchanges depend on your location, the kind of cryptocurrencies you wish to trade and how often you trade and your trading experience.