Is your website anti-social?

Congratulations on creating a beautiful website! Well, you have put the right keywords as well, but do you think your work is done? Well, it’s not! You have missed upon an important element, yes, I am talking about social element. Are you also one of those who even after knowing the importance of social media, haven’t implemented in their website? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about five simple ways to add social element on your website:

  1. Add social login:

Are you offering your users a ten field long registration form to get access to your website? No doubt, users are bouncing back. Nobody has time to go through a long registration form to do thing they want. Social login is a much more convenient and quick solution here. Social login allows your website visitors to sign in to your website using their existing social identities. Here are major benefits of adding social login to site:

  • Simplifies registration process thus enhances registration conversions
  • Reduces the number of passwords to remember thus eliminates password fatigue
  • Provides you genuine profile data which is not just limited to name and email id.
  1. Social Sharing buttons:

No matter how compelling and interesting your content is, if you have not bothered to opt for social sharing widgets on your website, it doesn’t serve any purpose. Many researchers have measured the value of sharing in real currency terms, making sure that you have sharing factor on your website is must. Do you know positive recommendations can encourage your customers to pay around 8.8% extra. And when you talk about that kind of money, not only you should incorporate social share buttons on your website, but should pay special attention to their placement as well.

  1. Social Commenting

Commenting is an efficient way to gain more user generated content on your website. But just like registration, nobody likes to go through a long process to share comment as well. So if you want your readers to interact with you and share their opinion, you have to give them a simple way to do that. Social Commenting can help you there. Social commenting allows your readers to leave their comment using their social media accounts thus making process a lot more quicker and simpler.

  1. Embed social media posts:

There are multiple ways to embed social media posts to your website:

  • Embed Twitter or Instagram posts
  • By showcasing your follower counts
  • By providing a button to like or follow your social media buttons

So friends, these are some ways to make your website more social media friendly. In the age of today, avoiding social media is not at all a wise choice.