Is Venezuela among many other countries that observe strict censorship laws?

There are many countries around the world that observe strict censorship and surveillance laws, Venezuela happens to be one of them. For those living there, you’ll find some major restrictions like not being able to access streaming services from within the country regardless of whether its available or not.

There are other laws imposed by the government, not allowing users to access their local bank accounts from abroad. All these issues and more are what make the internet in Venezuela extremely limited and restricted.

Even though there are a couple of ways to get past or dodge the heavy censorship or surveillance laws in Venezuela, the best method is by using the best VPN for Venezuela. But, we’ll get to that part later.

First, I’ll be highlighting a few major issues that limit how you can use the internet in Venezuela.

Why do you need online protection in Venezuela

There are many reasons why you’d need online protection while within or outside Venezuela. As long as you’re using the internet there or something related to it, you’re going to need to take active care, and here’s why:

  • Censorship is a huge issue in Venezuela. Yes, there are many social media platforms and websites that are blocked in many countries around the world, but the censorship laws are taken a little overboard in Venezuela. You won’t even be able to access certain local channels there.
  • Censorship and media restrictions are also something to look into. The Venezuelan government had at one point blocked around 40+ websites. Among this list included YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Besides the above, even the services that are allowed within the country are under 24/7 surveillance. This leaves little to no privacy for internet users, regardless of what you’re accessing.
  • There are other issues on the Venezuelan internet that prevail worldwide. However, there are some users that aren’t aware of it. To bypass ISP throttling or avoid cyberattacks or malicious websites there are security precautions that need to be considered.

Why is a VPN the best to avoid online censorship in Venezuela?

As mentioned above, a VPN is one of the best ways, mostly because it carries multiple purposes. A VPN will allow you to access many geo-censored and restricted streaming services or local bank accounts from abroad. Along with that, it’ll route all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This will prevent the ISP or the government from detecting or monitoring your activities.

Here’s how to choose the best VPN for it:

  • Choose one with a no-logs policy. So, if ever the government or certain corporations contact the provider asking for user information, they’ll have nothing to offer.
  • Make sure the VPN offers robust and top of the line security features. This will allow you to remain safe over the internet, preserve your data, and secure your devices.
  • A large server network is necessary. You’ll be able to connect to international servers to access US or UK content and connect to a Venezuelan server to access local services and bank accounts.
  • User-friendliness and affordability is also important. There are many top VPN services that offer great VPN deals and discounts, for all those on a budget.