Important Points To Remember While Writing Exams

Be it a school finals, or board exams or any other competitive exams. Every student is required to prepare and perform well for their bright future. Apart from preparing for the exam, presenting the answers plays an equal role.

As per experts, exams are not that easy to ace it, but it is also not impossible. A student can perform best and easily crack any of the exams with proper preparations, guidance, and hard work. So it is very important to know how to learn effectively. To clear any of the exams, a lot of preparation is required. Students need to refer more books, model papers, and previous year papers. To help them in their preparations, here are some tips to remember students while attempting the questions.

Be well prepared for the exam

The first and the foremost thing which students should always remember is to be well prepared for the exams by collecting all the required study materials according to the syllabus and other important notes provided by your lecturers. Do remember to go through the important topics including Zeroth law of thermodynamics, Force, Pressure, Reproductive System, Mensuration, etc.

Practice more questions

As most of the CBSE question papers are prepared by referring NCERT textbooks, therefore, practice the concepts thoroughly from these books and score well in the exams. Never forget to practice all the important points, examples and other questions provided at the end of every chapter.

Stay calm and relaxed

Never panic with the question paper. Just relax and recollect the topper’s advice, recollect the important topics revised the night before, the points discussed with a friend and any other videos related to the topics. Try to attend the easiest questions in the beginning, which will help in boosting your confidence level.

Time management

As there will be more objective questions compared to subjective, increase the speed of calculating and writing. Never waste your time in recollecting the formulae or the answers. Just attend the question, which you are more familiar with. Have a quick recheck on the paper once you are done with the exam. Have a fast look at all your answers as well and check whether you have attended all the sections.

These were some tips for every student to remember during their exams. For more tips and strategies for exam preparations, students can visit our website at BYJU’s and also learn by watching interactive video lessons on various topics including amplitude modulation, frequency, thermodynamics, periodic table, and Photosynthesis, by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.