Impact of Localization on App Market

The world is a global village. That was a mere saying just a few years ago, but the impact of globalization of has been such that the competition has increased by manifolds. If you are an app developer, it should be quite essential to work towards achieving the best results of downloads and monetization, the localization of your apps should be the ultimate option you need to go with.

Why is Localisation Important?

Well, there are several reasons that would make app localization an important decision you will have to take. Especially if you have launched your app in multiple stores and regions. Players like Apple and Google focus on providing a better user experience to their customers, and they consider localization as one of the important aspects to rank your apps on their app stores.

In fact, app localization will help you take an advantage over the non-English speaking regions and the users thereof. People prefer an app that they can understand and feel at home. Localizing your apps will help you achieve the best results in terms of downloads and monetization.

A case in point can be AddaChats. It is an Indianised social media platform and instant messenger that provides an entertaining experience to the users, and the USP of this app is being available in around 8 various Indian local languages. This is the reason, those Indians who know only their own regional language, love it.

Focusing on the audience that does not speak or understand English much, the app has become a hot favorite with its content that ranges across WhatsApp status, Shayaris, WhatsApp stickers, and trending videos. It also presents a list of the top ten viral videos every day. All in all, it is one of the best social networking app for Indian users.  Know more about AddaChats app here.

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How to Achieve app Localisation?

In fact, your app localization involves internationalizing your apps first. Of course, it may sound weird – we are talking of localization, and where does the concept of Internationalisation come in this context?

What we mean by internationalisation is creating it in the international standard in terms of coding and techniques so that switching between the languages should be rather easy and simple. If you are not careful enough in this context, you may end up with a mediocre app in an attempt to localize the content.

The right approach to localize your mobile apps would be to understand the right variable like the culture, trend and the language of the region you are targeting for. Optimizing the content perfectly in line with the culture of the land would definitely yield better results.

Keyword localization is yet another option you need to give a thought to. While a particular keyword may be relevant in one region of the world, it may not have any meaning in some other region. Understanding the keyword from the context of the app localization can help you bear positive results. The right kind of keywords and their perfect regionalization will help you achieve the best results in terms of conversions and download rates for your app.

The App Localisation and its essence

With app localization, you have nothing to lose if you have already developed and running your app successfully. However, localizing your app can help you achieve the best results. The mass reach and appeal that your app has will increase further ahead.

Of course, it is a tough task and will need you to plan a wider range of talent, tools and other essential elements if you want to have your app make a huge difference. Choose the proper tools and achieve the best localization performances.

If you are able to achieve the perfect app localization, you will definitely be able to find an enhanced increase in the rate of downloads.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance the reach of your apps and reap the benefits of localization to the core.