Ideal Options for the Best of Affiliate Programs

Knowing which are the best affiliate programs to earn real money with this online business model is one of the main steps to succeed in this type of business. A careful selection of your business partners not only improves the profitability of those who work with an online business based on Affiliate Marketing, but also facilitates the contextualization of the ads.

The Options for you

With the plethora of options we have today, we know that, especially for newcomers, it is difficult to determine which are the best affiliate programs.

In addition, it is not possible to generalize when it comes to choosing the best affiliate programs , as this choice also depends on the business model you have adopted in your strategy to earn money from affiliate programs. .

For this reason, our team has selected a series of affiliate platforms , with different characteristics, so that you can have a good number of options when it comes to determining which affiliate programs are best for your business model.

The best affiliate programs to make money

Below we have made a list of what we believe are the best affiliate programs for those who want to earn real money through the monetization of websites, blogs, social networks or even online stores. From Dougie Williams you can have the proper ideals.

Best Affiliate Programs

The option is currently one of the largest affiliate programs platforms in Brazil. The platform is basically focused on affiliate marketing for infoproducts, mainly e-book courses.

For those who are starting it is one of the best options, as it offers a good range of products, which facilitates the contextualization of the sale through the advertising channel that you have.

The platform pays its affiliates’ commissions per sale, that is, sales actually made. The attribution window is quite generous, which is why we place it among the best affiliate programs at the moment. 


The Udemy is an affiliate platform dedicated to online courses, with a wide international experience in this area. It is certainly among the best affiliate programs for those who want to work with online courses.

The platform offers training in the most varied areas, which is interesting for anyone who has a website or blog in the area of ​​professional training, as this variety of courses facilitates the contextualization of advertisements and affiliate links.

The interface for monitoring the performance of ads and sales made is quite complete, which makes it very easy to manage commissions. It is worth evaluating this option. To learn more about Udemy, click here .

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money

The Hotmart is the oldest affiliate platform specialized in infoproducts. Like the previous one, it has a large number of options for advertisers of courses, e-books and other digital products. The interface for administering advertisements, monitoring commissions and other management data is very good, as a result of the experience accumulated by Hotmart over all these years in the market. The way of commissioning is the good old CPA as in other platforms of this type. Depending on your area of ​​expertise as an affiliate, it is one of the options to consider.