Hulu – Watch Movies and TV shows on your Android TV

Want to rewatch your favorite dram again and again just like me? Then go for Hulu. The best streaming platform to watch all your favorite content. There are many videos streaming services that we come across. Hulu is one such video streaming service providing the best streaming experience for sure. This is the time to move out from your traditional cable TV. try to use this nice app Hulu and enjoy it’s all benefits.

What to watch through Hulu?

Simply anything. Anything you love is there on this nice platform. Add more color to your TV watching time with Hulu TV Box app. You can watch all your favorite episodes there. If you want you can rewatch old shows as much as you want.

This also includes hit movies, great shows, news, sports, cartoons, and many more things to watch. If you have Hulu with you then you will not run out of entertainment. The streaming library of the app is quite a vast one. There are a lot of things for you to select from. Watch the best things always with this nice platform.

Also, you can have access to thousands of Hulu originals through this app. Never going to miss any of the great pieces from every corner of the world if you have this nice tool.

If you wish to pay an additional amount then you can enjoy masterpieces from world-famous services like HBO, CINEMAX, Showtime, etc. indeed can have an endless entertainment experience thanks to this app.

Features of Hulu for TV BOX

The first thing you would like to know about the app when it comes to streaming services is certainly the content. Of course, the contents of the app are amazing. This includes tons of movies, shows, cartoons, news, and so on solely to make you happy. If you have this with you, then there is always something to watch no matter where you are or who you are.

This lets you have 6 user profiles on the same device. Makes every family member use the app in a personalized manner thanks to this feature.

As well the app allows you to watch your content at the same time on two different screens

Plans to enjoy

There are mainly three plans included here to choose from. Select the best plan to move on with Hulu.

Hulu – This plan offers a 30-day trial period and is ads-supported. Costs $5.99/month.

Hulu (no ads) – Offers a 30-day trial period. No ads popping up. Let you download and rewatch your favorite content. Costs $11.99/month

Hulu+Live TV – Offers a 7-day trial period. Offers the possibility to watch live TV. can have access to about 75 Live TV channels without any cable connections. As well can record your Live TV sessions.

Download Hulu TV App

You can download and install this application directly from your TV store. Use Google Play Store on Android TV boxes and Use Amazon App Store on Amazon Fire TV devices. There are many other TV stores that offer this app with certain modifications. If you are not able to download this application using your default TV store, you can try using third party app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked.

In order to use any of those app stores, you have to find TV code for Hulu application. It is easy to find TV codes. Just google it or find it using social media groups. FileSynced has its own trending section to find apps and games. You can use that to access public TV stores.