How to Use Mobile Video Ads On Social Media

Video consumption still dominates content marketing for qualified leads and user acquisition. When it comes to mobile advertising, it is also a powerful weapon to acquire qualified mobile app users. A best practice to get benefit from your mobile video contents is distributing them via social media channels that your target audience is actively using. Now let’s look at the biggest social media channels and how to use your mobile video contents as ad sources on these channels.

  • Facebook

As you know, Facebook provides the most effective and targeted advertising platform among all social media channels. You can easily create your segment with every single detail from demographics to interest and create your powerful visual-based user acquisition ads. However, if you consider to use Facebook to create your video ads, there are some best practices that you should take into consideration in order to be successful.

First, you need to upload your video content to Facebook, not to use it through other websites. Second you have to write converting, simple, short, and to-the-point description to get benefit from your video. And another thing is that you should use Video View Objective feature of Facebook in order to optimize your video content.

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  • Snapchat

For a while, Snapchat provides video ad options for mobile apps to acquire users. If your audience is there, it is a big opportunity to catch them by targeting your ads according to geofilters and lenses. Don’t forget that you should be aware of that Snapchat has a funny language and you should use this to reach your audience. One of the most common mistakes in Snapchat ads Is that people don’t stay in touch with the audience after they engaged with the ad. Don’t forget to talk to them. By the way, you might need to change your video content according to this platform. Don’t just throw your current video to Snapchat wait for amazing downloads!

  • YouTube

YouTube is one of the most effective ad platforms for video ads. Most of the app developers/startups consider YouTube video ads for user acquisition. If you consider YouTube ads, don’t forget that you have only 5 seconds to catch your users’ attention. Another thing is that your descriptions and keyword choose is very important to reach as much users as possible. Last thing is that you need to locate a converting Call to Action inside your ad to direct your users to download your app.

  • Instagram

Instagram uses Facebook’s dashboard to create ads. This is why it is a very effective source to target your ads. If you want to create video ads on Instagram, make it short and attractive. Don’t forget that your thumbnail image is important to make it appealing.