How to sell a mobile app

While focusing on developing mobile apps and building an app that works properly is a central factor for success, if users are unaware that the product exists, their hard work will be worthless.

This guide according hdg to mobile app marketing will examine the three stages of a mobile app marketing strategy and the metrics to measure to drive long-term success.

  1. Create User Personas to sell an app

A central objective throughout the awareness stage is to find out who your target user is, what they value, and the central point they experience that your product will address. There can be multiple user groups for a mobile app, and each user persona will have its unique user journey.

The user persona is a partially fictional representation of your ideal user. User personas include everything about a user’s demographics, history, mobile preferences, interests, and unique identifiers.

User personas also address the user’s core goals and the challenges they face today. Detailed user personas create the basis for user journey design and help you customize every aspect of your mobile product to your users’ preferences and needs.

Everything from branding and in-app content to functionality, features, platform choice, and monetization strategy, needs to resonate with your target user. By completely delineating your target audience with user personas, you will answer essential questions to guide your entire marketing strategy. For example:

  • What is the central point of the pain that this public collectively experiences?
  • What mobile operating system does this audience use? iOS or Android?
  • What types of content does this audience engage with online?
  • What tone, voice, and style of content resonate well with this audience?
  • Is there a visual branding pattern that appears among the online activities of this audience?
  • Do these users follow any reputable influencers in the vertical of this product on social media?
  • Which platforms are best for taking advantage of paid advertising?
  • Are these users known to pay for apps or make in-app purchases?

Using personas to answer questions like these will help you coordinate design, business, and marketing decisions to attract the right audience for your product. If you haven’t researched your audience correctly, won’t you be able to deliver a product that’s relevant to their needs?