How to escape the challenges of downloading AVI files on slow and unstable internet connections?

Are you among those flocks that download music files, photos, videos, games and other applications in excessively high volume? IF so, you must have noted that downloading the MKV, MP3 and AVI files turn to hectic and challenging tasks, especially if you have to download those files on a slow and unstable internet connection. In those instances, it is likely that you will look for a solution that will enable you to download AVI Mac.

Here comes the most effective solution to download the larger files

 Wondering for a solution that will enable you to approach the troubles, associated with downloading the large and heavy files? IF so, you must give a try to the Folx, an app to download AVI Mac. Giving a hands-on try on the app, you will have a sweet surprise to explore how convenient and simple the process turn into. Especially, if the challenge is an unstable and slow internet connection, this free of cost download manager will impress you with its worthy features and its capacity to automatically catch the download.

What are the device requirements and steps to get AVI files on Mac, using the popular browsers?

If you want to download this app, you must be having the Operating System  X 10.9 or higher version and you must have at least 32.7 MB of free space. The following are the key steps to download:

  • You will have to go to File tab and then to the New Task option that you will be getting in the Main menu.
  • You will require clicking on the + tab for customizing the download. You will get this option at the top of the search bar.
  • Subsequently, you will have to paste the link and assign as many tags you want as well as apply other customized settings and then tap on OK.

What are the additional benefits that you can get, using the advanced version of this app?

In addition to the basic version of this app that comes for free, users can invest some insignificant amount of money for using the PRO version that holds the feature to speed up the download further, by splitting the downloads into threads. In addition, users will have the liberty to schedule time, speed and a preferred setup for the download. Most importantly, the pro version will resume the download automatically, if the internet connection goes down in the course of the download process.