How to Download YouTube Videos Easily with YTBvideoly

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world, with millions of users uploading and watching videos every day. However, YouTube doesn’t provide an option to download videos directly, which can be frustrating for users who want to save a video for offline viewing or sharing.

Fortunately, there are many third-party tools available that allow you to download YouTube videos quickly and easily. One such tool is YTBvideoly, a video converter that can convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 and download them locally. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading YouTube videos with YTBvideoly.

Step 1: Copy the YouTube video URL

The first step is to find the YouTube video you want to download and copy its URL. You can do this by opening the video in your browser and copying the URL from the address bar. Alternatively, you can right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL” from the menu.

Step 2: Open YTBvideoly

Once you have the video URL, open YTBvideoly in your browser. YTBvideoly is a free online video downloader and converter that allows you to download YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 format. You can access YTBvideoly at

Step 3: Paste the YouTube video URL

On the YTBvideoly homepage, you will see a text box labeled “Enter the URL of the video you want to download.” Paste the YouTube video URL you copied in Step 1 into this box.

Step 4: Select the desired video format

After pasting the video URL, you will see two options: MP3 and MP4. Select the format you want to download the video in. If you want to download just the audio from the video, select MP3. If you want to download the entire video, including the audio and video, select MP4.

Step 5: Start the download

Once you have selected the desired video format, click on the “Download” button. The download process will begin, and you will see a progress bar indicating the download status. The time taken to download the video will depend on its size and your internet connection speed.

Step 6: Save the video locally

Once the download is complete, the video will be saved on your device in the location specified by your browser’s default download settings. You can also choose to save the video in a different location if you prefer.


Downloading YouTube videos with YTBvideoly is a simple and easy process that can be completed in just a few steps. With YTBvideoly, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 and download them locally, allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos offline or share them with friends and family. So next time you come across a YouTube video that you want to save, remember to try out YTBvideoly.