How to Curb Computer Vision Syndrome

There are people who when using a computer, have irritation in their eyes. At times these eyes may turn out to be red, or in others, the eyes swell. The swelling and redness of these eyes may be accompanied by the downflow of tears. There are symptoms for computer vision syndrome. Some people have these effects and strain in eyes when using a computer, and they never know that it is a syndrome. It is important that one deals with this problem and bring about a permanent lifetime solution for it. The earlier the problem is dealt with, the better. There are a number of eyeglasses that can be obtained by under $100.

Cause of computer vision syndrome.

The computer vision syndrome is majorly caused by continuous use of computers. The causes are not only limited to the computers but also on to phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets that have a screen. The problem comes about when the light from these screens gets into the eye, and the eye physiology is unable to regulate the light getting into it due to the weak retina. When this light penetrates and becomes too much for the eye to interpret, then a strain is caused in the eye, and there may be tears flowing out of the eye.

Following the survey conducted by the Vision Council in the year 2015, in the Vision Council website, 65 percent of American adults have symptoms of eye strain. This is alarming because this is the active age group that should be working to improve the economy of the state. This number is very high, and therefore mechanisms have to be put in place that will help in curbing this situation. If this problem is sorted at an early age, cases of blindness and short-sightedness will come to an end.

Computer eyeglasses.

Computer eyeglasses have been suggested to be the best remedy for computer vision syndrome. This is so mainly because the eyeglasses do not interfere with the interior of the body. Some people prefer to use drugs or take in substances that may have been prescribing by a doctor. It is not bad to take in drugs, but the problem with these drugs is the side effects they cause on to the person’s body and health. Therefore, eyeglasses have been recommended to be the best in solving this problem.

Computer eyeglasses are not like any other glasses because they are specifically made to reduce eye strain that comes about when using computers. Unlike the other glasses, these have a special lens as explained under the vision source article about eyeglasses. The lens includes a single vision computer lens, progressive occupational lenses, and ocupational bifocal and trifocal lenses.


It is good that when the problem of eye strain during the use of computer persists, one should be able to visit an eye care specialist. It is this specialist who will help one in curbing the problem by giving you appropriate advice on what to do. Avoid strains on eyes by getting proper computer eyeglasses

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