How to buy aged gmail accounts: The Safest & Most Effective Way

Buying a Gmail account can be tricky, and it’s not because the company doesn’t want you to do it, it has a strict verification process that checks your identity by verifying your phone number, address, and other information you have on file, that being said, buying an account isn’t as risky as it seems there are several advantages to purchasing an aged Gmail account over a brand new one if you only want to buy one for testing purposes or your business and here’s how you can do so safely and effectively.

Buy an Aged Gmail Account

Older Gmail accounts that have been marked as Aged are no longer under Google’s control, but unlike accounts that have been deactivated,these accounts are still usable and can be purchased by anyone with the money to pay for them, and these accounts can still be accessed and read from, just like any other account, and they aren’t tied to any specific IP address, so your true identity and location aren’t revealed when you log in and when you view your inbox.

Use a VPN to buy an aged account

Using a VPN will enable you to buy aged gmail accounts without being able to pinpoint your location, and when you purchase an account, Gmail will ask you to log in with your VPN account, once you log in, you’ll have full access to the account without being able to pinpoint your IP address, and it will also increase your privacy; a VPN is a virtual private network, which encrypts and sends your traffic through another server, making it appear as though you’re browsing from another country.

Establish an alternate identity

You can use this ID to receive emails for a Gmail account you purchase, when creating an alternate email address, be sure to use a different name so the email address isn’t associated with your real identity- this can be especially useful if your real email address is linked to your account with a particular company.

Register a new domain name

When you purchase an old account, you can also purchase the rights to the domain name that was associated with it, the domain name can be anything you like, but it should be associated with your company or its products- for instance, if you purchase an old Gmail account for your company, your new domain name can be associated with the company’s name.

To avoid having to wait for the registration to complete before using the account, your domain name should ideally be readily available, by registering a new domain name, you’ll be able to use that domain name for your business; if you don’t register the domain name, you’ll have to use the original domain name that was previously associated with the account- you can also use this method to create a new email address for your business.