How to Access the Dark Web in 2019

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The hidden part of the internet which can’t be accessed through any regular browsers. The dark web can only be accessed with tor browser or known as onion browser. The thing with dark web is that most of the websites have .onion in their site. And the website has an address like zx4yewa.onion which makes them invisible on surface web. 

According to a survey, 90% or more of the internet is hidden. So, all the website that can be searched through google is just 5 or 10% of the total internet. So, if someone wants to discover the hidden part of internet then just download tor browser do some setting. And, boom now you can access the dark web.

How to search on tor browser?

Just download the tor browser doesn’t let someone find all the hidden sites. A person needs to have a search engine to find those sites. Some of the popular deep web link search engines are:

  • DuckDuckGo

It is the most secure search engines of the dark web. It doesn’t track someone’s IP and data. Ads don’t show up on this search engine. Safe and clean and can also be used as a regular search engine.

  • Torch 

Torch holds an index of more than million hidden pages. And that makes it one of the largest search engines of the dark web.


  • Hidden wiki


A place where all the sites with their URLs can be found. Anything from legal to illegal this search engine has all the sites.


  • Not evil


Not evil mimics google but not in everything. The search result in not evil properly arranged. But the good part is it doesn’t show up ads.

These are the few hidden internet search engines. One can explore the hidden internet with these search engines but be very cautious.