How Technical Writing is Different from General Writing?

Writing has got no such forms or divisions. Writing is just writing. In the contemporary age we are actually creating various creative formats in writing. Such as writers, copywriters, content writers, article writes.  In this way, there are many who are into writing but with different designation.

Here, it will be a discussion on the difference between writing and technical writing. Writing is all about putting words and phrases together creating a harmony. Every writer is responsible for proper use of words and expressions so that the readers get the pleasure of reading.  This is all about writers who write books and novels but there are people who are called as digital writers..


In the arena of digital writing there is something called technical write ups.  These writings are basically based on technical products and inventions. There are many online freelance technical writers contributing in the digital platform.

Technical writing is mostly based on specific things. There are no such ornamental languages used in it. A technical write up is all about direct and facts based writing.


Different that is quite genuine between writing and technical writing are:

  • In writing or as we say creative writing most of the content is self created with some good amount of creative knowledge. On the other hand in technical writing is completely based on facts and figures.
  • Simple writing gives entertainment to people through poetry and illustrations while technical writing sometimes gets boring. Technical writing is completely based on a particular topic.
  • In technical writing there are uses of technical jargons. On the contrary simple writing has no such technical words and phrases. Simple or as we say creative writing is completely based simple and common languages.
  • There are variable chances of putting humor and satire in simple writing. Readers can actually taste the flow and essence of writing. In technical content, there is no chance of putting any such humorous element. It is very direct and to the point.
  • Novel, poetry and stories are a part of simple and plan writing on the other hand technical writing is based on report analysis and various other types of descriptions.
  • Technical writing needs a certain bit of formal education and a strong hold over technology. While creative writing or plain and simple is complete based on an individual’s ability to express flawlessly in his or her own language.


Technical writing is not that difficult.  More or less every individual with a little bit knowledge on technology can handle the art of technical writing.  The market is right now booming with technical writing jobs.   An author can express anything and everything in a story or a piece of writing but a technical writer can express only those that are actually there. There is no chance of introducing fiction in technical writing.  It is all about collecting and framing facts in a simple way