How E Signature Software Takes Us One Step Closer to Making Paper a Thing of the Past

Using e signature software has proven to be an effective alternative to the traditional paper signature. Not only are they more secure and convenient, but they’re also faster and cheaper than wet signatures. The benefits of e signatures are numerous, which is why they’re slowly becoming a staple in all types of industries.

E signatures are 100% legitimate and widely accepted

You can rest assured that your e signature is just as valid and legally binding as a traditional ink signature. It’s also widely accepted: most major banks, government agencies, and software companies accept them. In many countries, e signatures are already used routinely in place of paper documents. It’s estimated that many consumer transactions today include some element of e signature software.

E signatures are easily verifiable and have a lower error rate than wet signatures

If you use an e signature system for legal reasons, this fact can save both parties lots of time and money because there is no need to redo paperwork if something goes wrong with an original document that was supposed to be signed by hand but wasn’t. E signatures are more accurate and verifiable than wet signatures. This is because an e signature is readable and can be verified by anyone with access to a computer or mobile device. It’s also easier to verify than a wet signature because you don’t have to get your hands dirty with chemicals, fixers, and liquid paper.

E signatures are more secure than wet signatures

In addition to being more accurate and verifiable, e signatures are also more secure than wet signatures. E signature software uses encryption technology that encrypts all data sent between the signer’s computer or device and the server where your documents will be stored or sent. This makes it much harder for hackers or other unauthorized individuals to spoof an electronic document as they cannot read its contents unless they have access through decryption methods used by both parties involved in signing the document at hand.

E signatures keep your documents more secure

Did you know that e signatures are more secure than wet signatures? Wet signatures, digital signatures, and physical files can be altered or tampered with in many ways – for example, an electronic copy of a signed document could be altered by a malicious third party between the time it was sent from one person to another. As well as this, wet signatures can be washed away or smudged if they’re not placed on a dampened surface when being signed, faxes can be intercepted or lost, and emails with scanned documents can get deleted before they have been downloaded by their recipient.

However, e signature software uses encryption technology that ensures your document is kept secure throughout its transmission process so that even if it were sent over public wi-fi networks nobody could read what you’ve written without the correct decryption key.

E signatures make the entire process more convenient for all parties involved

With e signature technology, you can sign documents from anywhere. You no longer have to be at the office or in front of your computer to sign a document—e signatures are completely mobile and allow you to send and receive documents on the go. This means that you can focus on other important tasks while also signing contracts and agreements remotely. In addition, e signatures save you time because they eliminate the need for printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing paperwork back and forth between offices or departments within an organization.

E signatures allow for better record-keeping practices

E signatures can help make record-keeping practices more secure, easier to verify, and more accurate. All of this makes the process more convenient on several levels, not just for the person doing the signing but also for those involved in verifying or auditing those signatures.

For example, imagine that you want to purchase a house from someone who lives across the country. This transaction requires many signatures from both parties because there are multiple people involved and multiple documents (mortgage papers, escrow agreements etc.). With e signatures enabled for these documents and processes as well as for other agreements that require signautres throughout your life (renting an apartment could be another example), it will be much easier for everyone involved to access their contracts quickly without having to drive anywhere or wait around for an hour at their local courthouse.


For these reasons and more, e signatures are an important part of the future. They allow you to make paper obsolete while preserving the benefits it provides you with. While they may not be perfect yet, there is no denying that they will only get better with time as technology advances.