How Can A Business Texting Platform Increase Customer Engagement?

No matter what industry a business is running in or what type of product or service a business is selling, a company’s ability to communicate and engage with customers is what increases brand loyalty and sales. However, getting the customer to engage and stay engaged is quite a challenge for businesses, especially small ones. Texting is one of the most effective platforms to communicate with customers. Business texting solutions like helps in engaging with customers by sending them alerts, notifications, reminders, and notifications. This article discusses key ways in which business texting platforms can increase customer engagement.

  • Customers respond to texts 

The best way to engage customers with a brand is by using the channels and forms of communication they prefer most. More than half a proportion of customers say that they prefer to communicate with businesses via texting platforms such as – from preferring to receive appointment reminders to marketing campaigns. With texting platforms making it more convenient to buy from a local business, customers respond to business messages. 

  • Texting feels more personal

One of the main reasons why texting platforms are considered highly engaging channels is it feels much more personal to the customers compared to other communication channels. It is because there is often an individual on the other end of those business text messages. 

While many consumers said receiving automated impersonal messages would cause them to unsubscribe, another segment of consumers said they would prefer texting with a local business if they knew a real person would respond to their messages. 

  • Text-based chat boxes are more engaging 

Chat boxes are rapidly becoming a website standard no matter what the size of a business. They provide a simple and convenient way to engage and attract customers to the brands. 

However, not all chats are created equal as many businesses use chatbots, shortcodes, and other impersonal conversational approaches. However, a text-based web chat makes it convenient for the customers to convert the conversation into a text message thread and keep engaging with a business on the go.

  • Integrating text platform boosts multi-channel engagement

In this digitally advanced world, everyone is using their phones, search engines, and social media platforms to search and connect with local businesses. This means that businesses also need to come up with the same channels to engage with their customers. Integrating text messaging software with social media and other online channels will make it convenient for customers to initiate text conversations with a business from additional channels. 

  • Generate more reviews

Reviews have become the primary way for customers to determine which brand products they want to purchase. Therefore, online reviews are critical for every business. And texting software makes it easier for customers to provide their feedback which enables businesses to collect more reviews within less time. 


Texting platforms such as helps businesses create strong customer engagement. In addition, these platforms also aid in creating a seamless customer experience because now companies can store the entire customer journey in a single text thread. With business texting software, companies can use a landline, VoIP, or toll-free number to send texts to their customers.