Guide on tapping the full potential of subscription-based apps

Subscription based applications have become a famous part of mobile app development Dubai. The monetization strategies used are now widely applied by many companies. Users are required to pay a fixed fee to access the app entirely or unlock additional features and updates. Subscription models usually have 3 types of options available that include a free trial period, monthly subscription and yearly subscription. 

The evolution of numbers matters the most in mobile app development Dubai. In addition to this, each MMP or mobile measuring platform can track your subscriptions in various ways. These metrics can be used to analyze important information to see how subscriptions are turning and evolving into long term customers. Here are some essential tips on how to tap the full potential of subscription based applications:

The aspects to focus on:

The applications that have subscription services have a more thorough agenda and an even more detailed developmental process. Mobile app development Dubai has seen that DAU and the app retention rates are very vital to revenues within an app. Getting users to pay every 6 or 12 months a year is just as important as getting users to download your app. The aspects that should be paid the most attention to is the apps marketing, tracking in app activities, analytics and user interface. In addition to this, what you will offer after a subscription has been paid is also of utmost significance. 

Other important factors:

  • Onboarding: this is a crucial part in mobile app development Dubai and includes the introduction of your product or service. This helps users obtain relevant information about how the app works and what to expect. This information is vital for new users because it will allow your users to make the key decision of staying on the app and subscribing. 
  • A free trial period: this is highly recommended because this allows a higher target audience to remain on the app throughout the time of trial and judge. If your app attracts them and the trial period wins over their hearts then you have a long-term loyal customer who would be willing to pay a specific fee and stay. The duration entirely depends on you however the period is recommended. 
  • Discounts: deals and offers a vital component of mobile app development Dubai for subscriptions. Many customers are lean more towards deals that allow them to stay for 6 to 12 months. This also attracts additional users and gives you a competitive advantage. 
  • Content: mobile app development Dubai relies on content. What to offer at what price can impact revenues hugely. In addition to this, updates and newer features are important when it comes to retaining customers. 

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