Get Your BSNL Online Recharge Facilitated by Trusted Resellers

For all online traders, ecommerce sites and resellers it is important to remember that many of their customers decide to purchase from them or get their BSNL Online Recharge because of their user friendly e-payment system.

 Reputed resellers like MobiKwik, Patym and PhonePe provide certain extra benefits to the mobile phone subscribers when they recharge or pay bills from these sites. All these third party sites or Apps have a feature called the e-wallet.

The e-wallet is basically an electronic prototype of the actual physical wallet which needs to be charged and recharged with money. Once a user instructs for recharge of his e-wallet, money from his bank account flows to this digital entity. Money remains in this entity for as long as the user does not use up the entire value.

When you carry out the BSNL Online Recharge what simply happens is that the reseller reduces the value or the recharge amount from the user’s wallet and credits it to the mobile service provider’s account.. Similarly when there is an e-transfer happening between two e-wallets, the amount is reduced at the sender’s end and credited at the receiver’s end. No actual transfer of money happens here.

There is another process that can be done by this third party e-wallet service. Transferring money from the e-wallet to one’s bank account! The reseller at the backend reduces the spending limit of the user at the e-wallet end and credits the bank account with the amount of money that was requested by the user.

When you do a BSNL Online Recharge using one of these third party sites, one must know how the payment is being processed. Unlike the telecom service provider sites, the reputed resellers have their payment gateway also called PG to carry out the payment transaction. This is because these resellers are themselves big time payment aggregators. A payment aggregator provides service to online ecommerce sites and even the online mobile payment merchants to process the payment transaction. It is because of the aggregators that merchants who accept online payment are able to accept credit card, debit card and internet banking processes without creating their own account with a bank or a credit card providing banking institution.

How do payment aggregators work to facilitate BSNL Online Recharge?

  • They assist accepting of online payments by consumers for BSNL Online Recharge via their credit card, debit card, e-wallet and bank transfer on behalf of their merchant clients
  • Once the payment is a success, the aggregator makes the payment to the merchant.
  • The release of payment to the merchant is done by the aggregator in a timely scheduled manner as decided between the concerned parties.
  • Another benefit of the payment aggregator service is that they are able to save the consumer credit card or debit card information so that the payment is processed faster.
  • Each of the payment aggregator has a different approach, costs and services that they provide to the merchants.