Fitbit Overview with ValueMags

Understanding niches of businesses is what ValueMags does. It is their job to differentiate magazines even when they are amongst many other magazines. The company is responsible for marketing and distributing a large number of magazines in the United States and is dedicated to helping magazine publishers understand their niches. One of these niches is fitness and fitness products. Take the overview of Fitbit for example. How can they grow even bigger than they already have asks ValueMags given the information below:

  • Founded as Healthy Metrics Research Inc in Delaware, US in March 2007
  • Later adopted its current name
  • Gained attention because of its attractive initial public offering (IPO)
  • On August 3rd, 2015 Fitbit Inc’s stock price hit an all-time high of $50.99. A few months earlier they opened their trading to $30.40. This was 52% higher than than it’s initial public offering (IPO) price.
  • The first wearable fitness tracking device offered on the wrist and on waist bands
  • Can track: steps, calories burned, and much more
  • In August of 2015, the company had 7 products:
  • 2 clippable activity trackers
  • 4 wristband trackers: designed to serve users with different needs
  • 1 smart scale
  • Price ranges from $99.95-$249.95 for these watches and the Fitbit scale (Aria) is priced at $129.95
  • Has been working with American fashion designer Tory Burch to offer a product that would “transform Fitbit Flex tracker into a super chic accessory”
  • The tracker part of the bracelet can be taken out and inserted into a Tory Burch bracelet product: bracelet accessories range $38-$195 including pendant necklaces
  • Have an app to make accessing progress data easier with an online community: social network
  • Premium option available

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