Everything you should know about E-commerce website design

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When it comes to designing an e-commerce website, make sure to give this task to a professional website design agency Dubai. This is because the designing process is often complicated and can be smoothly handled by experienced professionals. You need to keep in mind lots things from site performance to user engagement to easy navigation. Unlike designing a simple website, an e-commerce website design comes up with its own challenges.

Along with informing and displaying your brand products to the customers, an e-commerce website also gives an opportunity to the customers to shop for the products you offer online. Therefore, you need to be very careful and not only make your site intuitive but also provide easy navigation so that the sales can be easy. Otherwise, the purpose of the website will be completely lost. Consequently, you must hire an agency that can provide excellent e-commerce web design Dubai services.

Here are some of the most important things that an eCommerce site should have:

  1. Match the web design with the products you offer

You must ensure that your e-commerce website work remains consistent throughout. When you will keep the design of your website consistent and articulate in a way that it matches with the products that you offer, it will for sure complete the look and feel of your website. Ensure that the images, colour schemes, graphics and even the text of the website reflect the kind of business you do. Like if you sell toys for kids, then make your website playful or, if you offer gadgets then design the website to give it a techy feel.

  1. Accurate product display and their description

Remember that any e-commerce website should be designed with the intention of selling. It is therefore essential that the products should be properly highlighted. Make use of quality and bigger images and videos (if any) so that the consumer can get an entire view of the product and knows how good it looks.

Another thing to keep in mind is the precise information about the product. A detailed description of the product should always be included, lack of which can make the customers leave your website and look for another one. Another thing to make sure is to describe your products accurately as misinformation will also wake you lose valuable customers.

  1. Precise design of shopping cart

The shopping cart may be overlooked by many of the designers. But the professional website design agency Dubai understands its importance in an e-commerce website design. The user can add multiple products, remove them if not needed and revise the order before making any payment if the shopping cart has a precise design. It should include functional product images, the order summary, and a convenient search bar.

  1. Easy checkout

Make sure that the checkout procedure on your e-commerce website is as easy as possible. This will motivate the consumer and allow him/her to come back again and repeat the purchase. Instead of making too many pages, try to make the checkout process on a single page and ensure that it isn’t too overwhelming for consumers.

  1. Payment options

Many e-commerce websites generally have two to three options of payment solutions which generally include payment from Visa or Master card. This can be a little inconvenient for the consumer. Therefore, ensure that you include as many payment options for the consumers as possible. These include payment with PayPal or net banking, or COD (cash on delivery) and different other besides paying through cards. With bestowing different payment preferences, you can motivate consumers to continue shopping with you and boost your sales.

  1. Provide accurate contact information and help

Your consumers would be glad to know that you are always there to help and support you in making your shopping experience delightful. Make sure you provide a live chat window where your customers can get an answer to their query instantly. Also ensure to provide clear contact information including your telephone numbers, and email address so that your customers know that you are ready to help anytime.

Besides all the above-mentioned features of an e-commerce website, also make sure that it is secure and hacking proof.  So, you must always hire a website design and development agency offering e-commerce web design Dubaiservices. These professionals are SSL certified, which means that the valuable information of your customers like their address, e-mails, phone number, and credit cards remains protected.