Essential Questions to Consider Choosing the Right IP Phone for your Business

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When you have made a decision to move your phone system to cloud or maybe you were already making the most of the cloud, you may be contemplating on choosing the latest IP phone. You should rest assured to come across a plethora of options to choose from. As a result, you would find it difficult to choose which one would suit your right.

The 3cx distributor dubai would support several brands and models. However, they would encourage the customers to contemplate on their decision pertaining to specific business needs and features.

Find below a few important questions to ask before choosing the right phone system for your business. A good option would be to choose grandstream ip phones dubai.


  • How many buttons do you need?


The number of buttons you need would be the foremost aspect, as the number of buttons would determine your ability to use the phone for supporting your business activities. An IP phone system has been enriched with features such as speed dialing, paging, call parking, and the ability to view the extension status of other users. The users would look forward to making the most of these features. Therefore, the number of buttons would be essential for determining how they plan on using phones.


  • Do you need an additional network port?


It has been deemed yet another imperative question, as IP phones would be using a standard network connection similar to your computer. Numerous businesses have a single network connection for a single desk. It would be pertinent to mention here that the additional cost of wiring could burn a significant hole in your pocket. However, IP phones have been equipped with an additional network port in the back. You would not have to bear the expenses of additional wiring. The same network connection could be used to connect the phone and additional port could be used to connect the computer.


  • Which color of the screen should you use?


It would be a matter of choice and knowledge of the same would help you narrow down the search.


  • What expansion capabilities do you have?


The system should support the need to add a side panel for a receptionist or a phone with a USB port. Smaller IP phones would not support the addition of extra peripherals.

You should also consider a few important aspects such as compatibility of the system with a wireless headset and the look and feel for you and the team.