Essential Guide to Selecting a Gaming Laptop

An experienced gaming pro will search for a laptop that packs a real punch. Certainly, a high-performance laptop packs a lot of power under the hood and delivers the best performance for gaming. Clearly, a 15 inch laptop that is ultra-fast, small, and powerful enough to handle even the highest graphics is a real winner. Often, a new game player will gravitate to the low end laptop to save money. However, they are choosing to save money over a high performance laptop. For the best play, a gamer requires a computer that is loaded with the latest technology. Often, this laptop cost more, but delivers better performance in the long run.

Follow Your Budget

Of course, there are a wide variety of gaming laptops on the market today. The first step is to decide your budget limit. For example, there are good quality gaming laptops available for about $1,000 and up. The best laptops will cost around $5,000 dollars and up. Set your budget, and keep in mind the type of games that you prefer to play on the laptop. For example, some intense graphics, games will require a laptop with the latest technology that cost more than an entry level machine.

Size is Important

What size machine would you prefer? The laptops are available in sizes that range from 13 inches and up. It’s important to note that the 17, 18, and 19 inch screen laptops are more powerful than the smaller 13 inch or 15 inch screen. However, they are heavier and less portable. Plus, they require a lot of power. You’ll only get a few hours play, before requiring a recharge. Still, they pack a lot of punch. They are perfect for the gamer that prefers to leave his machine at home. If you prefer a mobile machine, select the 13 inch or 15 inch machine. They are lighter weight and easier to handle. Most weight less than 10 pounds and a charge will last several hours.

Select the Right Graphic Cards

If you spot a gaming computer that looks promising, don’t move too fast. Instead, look at the vitals. For example, the graphics card is vital to game play. Select a laptop with a graphics card that can run high setting games at the higher resolutions.

RAM Is Important

RAM or random-access memory is important to the overall game play. RAM is the internal hard drives ability to store working data or the memory. A laptop with more RAM allows the laptop to work with more information. This is vital for seamless game play. The average game player could get average performance out of a machine with 4GB of RAM. However, 8GB or higher is much better.

Selecting a new gaming computer takes time and research. Still, it takes good common sense too. If you play graphic rich games on a regular basis, you’ll require a machine that is different from the casual gamer that plays low intensity graphic games.