Do Not Let your Business Suffer by Committing These Mistakes with Business Cards

Business cards are meant to not only promote your brand but to inform about your organization and its roles and responsibilities. They are meant for long term purposes so they have to be correctly made on right kind of paper with right sort of printing techniques. A business card is easily carried to any place in your pocket or purse. They don’t need much space like a banner or leaflet.

Generally, business cards are used for any general work because good quality CardLogic cards are thick and strong which helps in creating bookmark, separator between two drawers etc. However, your company’s card should be well designed so that it grabs attention. Otherwise, unprofessional card generally finds their final destination into a dustbin.

So here are few mistakes that we need to avoid –

  • Don’t include all information in one small piece of paper. We understand that you want to provide as much knowledge as possible but keep it precise and give only information that can drag your customer to your place then you can elaborate about your product in store.
  • You can add designs to your card but not on the stake of important information. This will not be informative for your client and they will get distracted.
  • If you make your font smaller, people might ignore few information that may be relevant but, making font bigger can occupy lot of space. Hence, make it moderate and add useful information.
  • Always use a heavy paper that proves to be of good quality when your client holds it. Also, when selecting the kind of paper, seek help from a qualified printer as they have been into this profession and can tell you what would suit best for your budget.
  • The biggest mistake those businesses do is that they never proofread their business cards before distributing it. Simple spelling mistakes when spotted by customers can leave a negative impact.

Keep your business cards handy so that you can deliver it to clients whenever necessary. A good business promotion can only be done when you provide your card to everyone whom you meet. However, that doesn’t mean that you meet someone on the street and you hand over your card but those who seem to be interested in discussing about your business should know your business name, location and products. is a company that deals in printing business. Whether its leaflet, banners, PVC banners, mugs or business cards, all can be customized and printed as per your choice. They deliver on weekdays, to all over EU countries and Estonia at a reasonable price.